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Chapter 10
With bloodshed taking place at the empire of spiders, their leader -a minotaur- was under a lot of stress due to the news that he received from the retriever crew. Slamming the table with it's massive hands, scattering their report in written form, he wails:
"WHAT?! JUST THIS MUCH?!" One of them tries to calm him down.
"Sir, we gave everything we got but they're just-" Out of a fit, the minotaur knocks the man over with a backhand. He continues to rant in front of the soldiers.
"ALL I HEAR IS 'WAH! THEY BEAT US TO THE PUNCH!' AND YOU MAGGOTS CALL YOURSELVES SOLDIERS?! YOU'RE GIVING YOUR GUNS A F@$#ING STAIN DUE TO YOUR SHIT PERFORMANCE!" He went on and on with heaven knows how long will it last. Outside of the very tent where the minotaur threw his tantrum on, a random soldier overhears the whole scenario. He approaches the guards and asks them:
"Wow!..What the hell happened there?" One of the guards answered:
"Well, he's a bit angry since we retrieved little parts from outside the field!"
"Heck, not even a extender in good condition. They beat us to it!" the second guard followed. The guy nods his head and said:
"Uh huh... That sure gives him a bad case of hemorrhoids..." Hearing his foot steps getting closer, the minotuar bursts out of the tent carrying 2 men on each arm. He throws them away where they landed on damp dirt. The Minotaur yells at them.
"NEXT TIME YOU GET THERE, I WANT SOME RESULTS EVEN IF IT KILLS YOU IDIOTS! NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA MY SIGHT!" The four took their leave. Everyone around their base of operations looked at him where he felt every eye focused on him. He looks at his surroundings and yelled:
"WELL? THE F@#$ ARE YOU ALL LOOKING AT?! GET BACK TO YOUR DAMN DEPARTMENTS OR WHATEVER THE HELL IT IS THAT YOUR'E ALL DOING!" He went inside the tent and mumbled as he bumps the gossiper out of his way, barely losing his balance. Everyone went back to their own business. The man who got knocked over earlier went somewhere hidden within the base and took out his communicator, he contacts someone and waits for the call to get picked up. After 3 ring tones, the caller answers.
At the stop over, Ein was sitting beside Patuc, holding a phone. After exchanging questions and answers, the troll turned down his phone and said:
"Just as I thought. They've been scavenging whatever they can salvage back there!"
"You think that's the reason why the raiders rob the train? You think it had somethin' to do with the league?" Scratching his chin, Patuc answered:
"Well, could be. Usually there are others who just wanted to make a buck for it. Ya' know, those who have no particular sides."
"It's kind'a hard to point fingers at who or what's involved. Like I said, honest merchants who gave no shits on oppositions." Patuc stood up and stretched his arms just to take his mind off someplace else. Ein then stood up as well while carrying some bags of groceries. Patuc turned back and reached his hand to him saying:
"Want me to carry the rest of them?" He smiled and said:
"Sure thing friend!" They began to walk back to the train that they currently stay in. Out of the blue, Patuc asked him yet again.
"You think the girls would be gentle with out little guest back there?"
"Jyakki and Jean seemed to be very nice to them. Maria? I don't think she'd be pulling her punches after this trip's over."
Inside the train's guest quarters, Maria's been busy watching like a couch potato with the prisoner lying down next to her, wrapped from shoulder to feet like a cocoon with a dog-chain strapped around his neck. As she drinks her soda and ate her chips, Jean called out to her from her walkie talkie.
"Maria? What time is it over there?"
"It's been 20 minutes since they left. They're still not here yet."
"What's taking them so long? I've been board out of my butt here in the kitchen!"
"Pipe it girl.. I'm bored out of my ass here too."
"Anyway, how's fido over there?" Hearing him ask about their prisoner's status gave the said individual a cold sweat and a scared look on his face. Maria notices and told exactly what she sees.
"He just can't get you out of his head~!"
"Oh goodie~!" Jean giddily reaplies then Maria humors him.
"Hey! Patuc might get jealous if you toy with our prisoner here! Speaking of which, why can't we just give him to the police here?" Jean made a sigh and replied:
"Wish we can, but that guy's gotta be brought back to the Oberon couple. Dear's instructions. By the way, where IS jyakki? I haven't found her since then!" Before she could answer, she heard a knock on the door and answered while the walkie's on.
"We're back girls!" Patuc said.
"Oh, they're back!" Maria gave the walkie to Patuc and greets his spouse.
"I'm back dear! Ein found the freshest veggies he could find in the store!"
"Oh! Finally! Get here in the kitchen, quick!"
"Aye Sir! Don't forget to thank Ein though." Then he heads off.
"And what took you so long?" Maria asks. Ein went and sat down on the couch and greets the prisoner.
"How's it goin?" The prisoner replied:
"I'm soiled down under from being forced to wear adult diapers, thanks to your kakuen friend, then tied like a cattle - Yeah, I'm fine. And you?"
"I'm good, thank you!" Maria sat beside him and continues to ask him.
"You just ignored me like some ghost. So, what took you both?" Still ignoring her from reasons unknown, Ein makes a conversation with their prisoner.
"What made you guys raid the supplies?" He asked with a face, dead in the eye. The prisoner gave him his answer, seemingly familiar with where this is going to lead into.
"I told you a thousand times already man! I dunno! Only my boss and her elites know! We're just following instructions!" Ein nodded to him and then turned to Maria and asked:
"Maria, can I talk to you somewhere else please?" She groaned and agreed. As they walked to the hangar area of the train, the two made a discussion with what they've found out while they went out for groceries.
"So lemme get this straight, they got the extenders from scavengers and there's a possibility that this whole thing's a case of 'barter' trading?"
"Yeah, according to Patuc. But there's something about this whole thing that bothers me." Before they can continue any further, Ein opened the door only to find Jyakki seemingly startled, holding a pen and a small black note book with her phone lying next to her. They heard some beeping static sounds at the raider's extender suit in which Jyakki's sitting in front of.
"Ugh! There you are! Of all the places that you could just hang out, your'e here at the hangar... Why's that?"
"D'oh! Uh well, I was just writin' mah journal! Anytime soon, we might die here so I just wanna write every bit, ya see!" Maria went closer to her and asks:
"Mind if I take a peeksie?" Jyakki responded by raising her arms up, out of the were sheep's reach. As she jumps, Maria says:
"Come! On! Lemme! See!" Then she stopped and continued:
"Hmph! Frickin' girlzilla!..." This upsets the oni a bit, but still she persists on not letting her show the contents inside the journal. All while there's a beeping noise. Then, Maria noticed that her phone's lying next to her. She intends to use it for her mischievous goal, but Ein stops her before this could build potential friction.
"Oookay... Not so fast little lady, quit it." Then she threw a tantrum like a child deprived from making pranks.
"Gaargh! Put a sock in it Einie!" Jyakki felt really uncomfortable with her privacy interrupted by their presence. She stood up said politely:
"I'm just gon' write someplace else. 'Xcuse me." She took all her things and left, leaving Maria, undone.
"Aw look what you did!"
"Give her some privacy will ya?" As Ein tried to remember where they stopped, They heard Patuc from speakers above the hangar saying:
"Okay everyone! Food's ready! Get while it's hot! Courtesy of chef Jean!" Ein lost his thought, shaking his head. He then suggests:
"Let's go get some grub." They decided to leave the hangar as the static noise continues from the raider's extender.

Back home, Lisa, Cecil, and Aggryxia were sitting down along with other applicants at Abel's city hall to have the little jhonian registered as a citizen. As usual, Aggryxia saw different people in which excites her. Lisa and Cecil were talking about Ein and Maria their trek from yesterday.
"Whew... Still, that made me worried like hell! I mean - anytime, they might just get themselves killed!"
"You know what they say, the equipment can only do so much. It all boils down to skill." Suddenly the city hall's speaker announced a number.
"Applicant 618-A, please step forward! Applicant 681-A!" Both ladies looked at their tickets but doesn't match the description. Then a familiar voice greets the three, which caught Aggryxia's attention.
"Ahh! Big sis Hildr!"
"Why look who's here? What's my favorite lil' girl doing here eh?" She went to her and hugged Hildr. The other two noticed although Cecil met her the first time.
"Why here there! Lisa, right?" She shakes her hand.
"I'm glad you still remembered me, uh miss...?"
"It's Hildr.... And you are?"
"Cecil Oberon. Pleasure to make your acquaintance."
"Nice to meetcha. So what brings you three here?" Aggryxia answered enthusiastically, like any child.
"I'm gonna get a burth sertificake!" Her pronunciation at certain words made the three ladies chuckle in adoration.
"Silly, it's pronounced: BIRTH CERTIFICATE."
"Oh... THAT! Are you here to get yours too big sis?" Hildr pats her in the head and answered with a happy tone.
"Oh no! I'm WAAY to old for that! I'm just here to get a license for my shop! Aaand, we got some new clothes delivered! I'm sure your'e gonna love them once you tried them on!" Aggryxia's eyes glimmered and turned to Lisa asking:
"Big sis! Can we go there later after this? Please? Pretty please?" She replied,
"I'm sorry Aggryxia, but this process is gonna take the whole day. I don't think we got time to go there..." This shifts her gears from happy to sad. The jhonian pouts and said:
"Aww... Okay big sis.." Hildr took it upon herself to cheer and advice her.
"Now, now. Turn that frown upside down. You gotta listen to your elders 'kay?" Although for good reasons, they term annoyed Lisa. Enough to slightly rattle her tail. Witnessing what happened, Cecil made a slight chuckle in which Lisa noticed with eyes looking irritated, making Cecil to turn back and chuckle a bit more. Hildr stood up and and asks:
"So, mind if I sit next to you guys?" Lisa quickly puts on a facade and said:
"S-sure! Why not!" They went back to their seats and continued their chat.
"This license, what's it for?" Hildr answered:
"For my shop! I just wanted to have it renewed a week before so that it'll be done with immediately."
"That's quite productive! As for your clothes.." Cecil said, as she glances over at Aggryxia then continues "Are they age appropriate?"
"Well, I tried persuading the kid here, but she's REALLY loved these clothes. Plus she kind'a hates clothing that covers her legs and all." Then Lisa joins in.
"Oh, right... about that, Aggry's type of clothing are motion reliant. Last time, she tried a skirt. She tripped at every step, making her clumsy..." Tipping her glasses, Cecil replied:
"Is that so?" Aggryxia looks at her then asks, oblivious about their conversation:
"Uh, what's up Mrs. Oberon?"
"N-nothing pumpkin!" Hildr then asked Aggryxia what the birth certificate's for.
"So little tyke? Whatcha gonn' do with the birth certificate?"
"For schooling! But they said It's too late now so I have to wait until next year, big sis said..."
"I see... So whatcha gonna do until then?"
"I'm getting a 'Tutor'! Have I said it right big sis?" She answered then asks Lisa if she indeed got it right.
"Yep! You sure did! Good job Aggry!" She pats her in the head as she enjoys the praise. Another announcement was made on the speaker.
"Applicant 621-B please step forward! 621-B, forward!" Lisa looked at her peice of paper, matching it's description. The three of them stood up with Lisa saying:
"Right! That's us! It's been nice seeing you here today Hildr."
"No sweat! We should hang out sometime! Right Aggryxia?" She said while poking her in the shoulder playfully. Aggryxia giggled and replied:
"Sure! Bye Big sis!"
"We best be on our way!" Cecil added. As they left, Hildr waived at them. As they went to the service counter, Lisa took out the necessary requirements. As she presents it to the desk clerk, a male tikbalang, greets at the ladies as he works.
"So, how's it going ladies? And oh, a Jhonian! What's your name little kid?"
"I'm Aggryxia! What's your's?"
"Earnie! Mr. Earnie!" Lisa wondered how he was able to guess her age at first glance, so she joins in.
"How were you able to tell that she's a kid?" The desk clerk smiled at Lisa and told her his secret.
"Well, My fiance's a Jhonian. She's a single mom! And I'm guessing she's around 7-8 years of age?"
"I'm 6 years old Mr. Earnie!" The tikbalang smiled at her and said:
"Well, I be damned! Your'e around the same age as my step daughter!~ Aaand.." Then there was a beeping sound from his desk on his left below. He ripped the ticket, singed it, and gave it to Lisa.
"-Here's your ticket! 3rd floor, straight ahead, and 5th door to your right!"
"My goodness. Your'e such a nice guy! Thank you!" But the clerk gave them one more thing, but it was aimed for Aggryxia.
"Oh! Wait a sec! I got something for the little kid! Gimme a sec!" He gave her a colorful candy on a stick. It's colors allure the young jhonian, causing her eyes to glitter with her jaw wide open.
"WOOOW~! Thanks Mr. Earnie!"
"Now you ladies have a good time~!"
"Thank you so much Earnie! You have a good day too!" And off they go to floor above.
Back at the train, minutes before they they depart, the gang gathered around the table and began to eat Jean's cooking.
"Okay Everybody~! Feast you eyes on my special veggie hot pot!" As the smoke looms around the place, so is it's fragrance. The rest were bewitched by his cooking although Jyakki was on a different page.
"Mmmmm~! Smells nice indeed!" Ein said.
"Wow.. Patuc, your'e lucky to have a man- er i mean, girl like Jean!" Patuc wrapped his arm around his spouse and said.
"Good job dear!" Jean blushes and his husband and said:
"Thank you dear!" The two of them kissed, something that their prisoner cringed. Jyakki pointed out her opinions with the dish as they held their spoons.
"Normally, we Onis can eat anything. I'm not a fan of veggies though but the smell kind'a trick me into thinkin' there's meat in it!" The couple stared at each other and then back at Jyakki. Patuc asks her a question:
"Well, why not try it out and see for yourself? It's a shame we can't stuff ourselves since raider might come and attack us!" Then Ein joined in and told her a much detailed and technical reason.
"Besides, having a full stomach during a battle could cause indigestion and performance issues! Most soldiers prefer to be light and lean should the situation arises at any given moment." Her face paints reluctance but nonetheless, she digs in.
"Welp... Here's goes nothin'." As she took a bite, her eyes got wide from shock and disbelief and continued to chow down. With each bite and sip, she said:
"It's my family's trade secret~!"
"PLEASE! I BEG!" She said with a gesture. The rest of them had a good time with Maria irritated at the fact that she's feeding their prisoner. Throughout the feast, they were like a family until the train starts to move. Perfect timing since they were all done. With Maria helping out Patuc clean the dishes, Ein and Jean walked around the train just help with their digestion.
"-and that's how you do it Ein. Got all that?"
"Uh huh! Can't wait to get this mission over with already!"
"Listen, this 'forest island' that you speak of, It doesn't show itself anywhere in the map according to my phone." Ein went closer to Jean just to see his phone.
"Is that thing updated? Haven't  been using any apps in years." Jean looked at him dead in the eye and replied:
"Updated since last week. They release updates once every 3 months or so since prospectors are still treking their butts across this planet..."
"Huh.. Wish I named that Island: Pumpernickel Isle."
"Ugh, Pumpernickel breads make me poop.."
"Seriously?!" As they went to the hanger to check up on their suits and equipment, they saw Jyakki yet again, Inside writing her journal with her cellphone, In front of the raider's extender suit with that same static beeping sound.
"Well, look who's here again! Writin' down how tasty Jean's hot pot is?" Ein said making Jyakki startled yet again. As the noise irritates Jean however, he rants.
"Which is why I hang out here all the time. I just wanna have some time for my self. Looks like yer the type that's sound sensitive.." She said with a grin.
"Anyway, let's her be. Say Jean, in the mood for weapons round check? Prepping beats guessing when trouble brews!" Ein proposes. With his hands covering his ears, Jean was able to hear him and said:
"If you got earplugs, I'm in!" Ein lent him his head set were Jean made sure that it's snugged nicely with his enormous ear. With only a few pitches of sound, Jean spoke louder and said:
"IF YOU NEED ANYTHING, JUST PAT ME ON THE SHOULDERS OK?" Ein made a thumbs up and the two went to work. Seeing both men do their jobs, Jyakki felt some sort of respect due to their diligence and decided to do the same with her weapons. All three of them were absorbed with their activities.

Chapter 11
Aggryxia peeled her lollipop's wrapper and indulged herself as they're on their way to the said room. Out of hunch, Cecil asks Lisa:
"By the way, has Aggryxia gotten any shots?"
"Hmmm...Since, she grew up in the forest, I'm guessing no." All of a sudden, her concern towards her grew as she remembered her feats of strengths. Sweat fell down from her forehead which in turn, made Cecil worry as a result. About to ask, the reached in front of the room where Aggryxia will be having the said procedure.
"A-anyway, we're here! I'll take it from here Cecil!" However, she insisted not.
"It's okay. If anything, I should give an extra hand. In case something went awry." Then Aggryxia, oblivious as always, asks both ladies:
"Uh, what's 'getting a shot'?" With the lack of knowledge, their worry grew more. Regardless, Lisa said:
"W-What getting a shot? I-I uh, it's when a doctor had something in his hand called a 'syringe'!"
"U-uh yes! That! Then, there's this-" Before she could even finish, Cecil grabbed Lisa's shoulder and said:
"Just get in..." The three went into the room where the doctor is waiting on his desk. Noticing her surroundings, Aggryxia said:
"Wooow! It's so white and bright here! And it smells good too!" As the doctor, a human, turned around, Lisa and Cecil where shocked that his face had some bruises with his left eye completely shut due to having a lump as if he was hit really hard. Cecil asks:
"Woah! Where'd you sustained those injuries?!" The doctor made a sad laughter and replied:
"Jhonians. Young and had no experience with a needle."
"So that's why.." Lisa said. The doctor took something from his cabinet and donned an anti ballistic armor from face to toe. This theatrics caught Aggryxia's attention, still oblivious to the whole process. The doctor Notices the lamia and asks her a favor:
"Good timing! I could use you long body to 'wrap' her around." She noticed that it was coded, so she was able to comply.
"You got it! Aggry? Why not take a sit right over here?"
"Okay!" As she sat down, Lisa wrapped around her gently from her legs to her belly while keeping her arms tucked in. Curious, Aggryxia asks:
"Big sis? Why are you wrapping me around?"
"Because I love you sweetie! This'll be your first time at a hospital, so big sis just wants to make sure that your'e tucked in NICE and SNUG~!" She lies. Cecil tipped her glasses while Aggryxia started to feel Lisa's embraced to be somehow tight as time passes. She begins to ask why.
"Uh Big sis? Your'e getting a bight tight around me." Lisa quickly put's her index finger on her lips and said:
"SHHH... It's okay. Just relax." Cecil then said to herself as she notices:
"If this keeps up, she might eventually find out. The doctor should've prepared first. What was he thinking?"
At the train, Maria and Patuc just finished washing the dishes. As they tidy the plates, they noticed a stampede outside due to the rumbling noise that they heard although faint due to the train's sound of momentum.
"Woah! Looks like it's that time of the year! Wanna go check it out?" Maria asks.
"Why sure! Lemme call the others first!" He used his walkie and said;
"Yo Dear, Ein, Jyakki! There's a Staggo stampede goin' on outside the train!" Jean replied via-walkie.
"Really? 'kay, be right there!" As Patuc wipes dried his hands and Maria closed the cabinet, The troll asks:
"Now let's go take some pictures!" They went to the guest's quarters to get a better view. The gang gathered but Jyakki and watched the said specie's herd run in numbers. They were all fascinated at the sight.
"Wow... Look at how majestic they are dear!" Jean said as he leaned toward his husband. Maria took her cellphone out and made a video out of it. Jean did the same thing. Both men observed how the two of them enjoyed themselves. Patuc nudges at Ein's shoulders and asked:
"Say, do you know where these herd of staggos headin'?" Ein replied"
"I dunno. Mating season, these beasts are gifted at finding oasis on such a vast desert. Or perhaps they're running away from a perceived threat. Why'd ya ask?"
"Nothing. It's just that regardless of what caused it, it's somewhat beautiful to see things like these. I dunno, maybe I was getting a bit sentimental." Ein stretched for a bit and told Patuc:
"I'll watch the rest of the the video. I feel like going to the bathroom. Been stinking since yesterday.."
"Alright, have fun!" Ein went off while Patuc went to the two by the window and continued their stampede gazing. At the clinic, the doctor finished prepping his syringe as the jhonian grew increasing impatient.
"Big sis... I can't move! How long is this gonna take?" She pleaded while Lisa continues to lie.
"Just a little bit more pumpkin!~ Five more minutes!" Then the doctor turned around with his syringe ready to take her blood sample. The sight of the needle gave Aggryxia a momentary paralysis of fear. At the train the train, as Maria finished recording, she saw a flash of light beneath a herd of Staggos. It's dust trails made it hard to see but it was faint.
"H-Hey? Did you see something?" She asks Jean as she reached out to his shoulder.
"Hm? Where?"
"I dunno, it was a flash of light or somethin!" Then there was another flash of light beneath the trail of sand dust which made them a bit more curious.
"Ooh! Your'e right!" Patuc took notice of it as well. He went a little bit closer to the window's glass in hopes to have a closer look. Meanwhile, As the doctor approaches Aggryxia, Lisa gently tightened her grip on her, not noticing that she's incapacitated. The doctor said as he gently comforts the little girl:
"Don't worry. After this, I'll give you some candy as a reward okay? This will only hurt-" Outside of the train, shrouded beneath the dust, a man in a sniping position said:
"-like a mother f!4eR!" The sniper pulls the trigger. The doctor pushes the suction. As both sharp objects came into contact on their respective targets, Patuc and Aggryxia yelled out in pain. As the needle lodges into her arm, Aggryxia puts on quite the struggle. Luckily, Lisa made a preemptive move but despite her constriction, she felt pain due to her sheer strength. A natural trait of a young jhonian of her age. As the the man pulls the suction from the syringe to get a certain amount of blood sample, Aggryxia's eyes went ferocious and exerts such effort that Lisa's snake half felt such pain that she was forced to loosen her grip on the child. As the bullet penetrates through the glass, The three were knocked back from the shattered glass. Patuc was shot on his right eye. Knocking him against the other end of the corner. He laid down bleeding. As Jean recovered, he was horrified at what he saw and quickly crawled to his husband, screaming his name.
"PATUC! NOOOOOOO!" At the hospital, Aggryxia lunges at the doctor to the floor. She used her claws and begins to scratch through his armor. Pure aggression took over Aggryxia. The doctor cried for help. Cecil, shocked at what she saw, went and tried to restrained her. However, due to her build she was unconciously knocked back. As she was able to peel his protective gear, revealing his face. Aggryxia almost killed the doctor out of instinct. All while the syringe was in her shoulder.
"No!... Please! Don't! Please!" Lisa was able to get a second wind and just as she was about to see Aggryxia kill the doctor, she swings her tail at the young jhonian's head, rendering her unconscious. She laid down on the side, unconscious. Lisa was shocked at what she's done.
"Oh nononono! I didn't..." Both women rushed to her quickly to check if she sustained any injuries. It was only out of defending both doctor and child.
"Oh god no! Please be okay. Oh Aggry!..." Tears begin to fall down her eyes. As she wrapped herself around Aggryxia. Cecil took this chance to finish the doctor's job and was able to extract some blood sample. Perhaps a little bit too much. The the train station, Maria was briefly stunned at what she saw. She took a peek outside the window, checking as to where the shot was fired. Ein then rushed into the quarters and saw the scene.
"Patuc... No... Please don't leave me!" Jean cried all the way through. Ein quickly rushed to check in Patuc and saw what just happened. He checks for his pulse and felt a pulse but it was getting weaker.
"He's still alive! But he's fading!"
"Wh-What?!" Blood kept leaking out from his eye socket. Time was of the essence. If they wanted to save him, they have to move fast. Maria went over and took over as she assessed the situation.
"Gun shot on the eye... It wasn't deep..His brain's safe thanks to the glass and his kind's dense body parts... Ein! Get me a kit! Now!" Ein nodded and rushed to the nearest area in the train where he can find a first aid kit. Maria comforts tries to comfort Jean as he weeps.
"Shhh! Jean! Listen! We can still save him! Put your hand to apply apply pressure to stop the bleeding okay?" As she puts his hand on the wound, Jean asks:
"Is he gonna be alright!?..*sob*"
"Wer'e gonna save him!... Together! Be strong! He needs you more than ever now!" At the hospital, Cecil was able to descern that Aggryxia sustained no injury which is good news to Lisa.
"It's okay Lisa... Don't worry, you just knocked her out cold. You did nothing life threatening." This gave her a relief, she embraces Aggryxia out of regret however and said:
"I wasn't thinking straight! I should've took another way!" As she wipes her tears.
"There was no other way. You did what you should. I'm just glad she's quite sturdy... for her age.." She gave the syringe to the doctor, who was still in shock and perhaps have gotten traumatized from the experience. He looked pale and spoke gibberish. Cecil gave him a mild slap on his face. The doctor screamed, but Cecil calmed him down.
"Shhh... It's okay doc. Are you hurt?" The doctor nodded although still a bit scared of what happened.
"I-Is this kid for real?!" Cecil looks at the two then back to the doctor and asked him a favor.
"How much to keep this from leaking out?" The doctor looked at her and asks:
"What?!" The doctor, pale and sweating, shakes his head. Then he answers otherwise at first.
"H-Hell No! THAT KID ALMOST KILLED ME!" Cecil holds him in both shoulders. The doctor put up quite a struggle but she yelled at him in order to snap him back to his senses. Assuming that this happened to him when with younglings of Aggry's kind.
"SHE'S JUST A KID! I'm sorry this happened to you but I want-" Before she could even finish, the doctor told her:
"She's the first of her kin to react THAT way!" Her eyes went big out of fear. Shivers crawl down her spine. She went to Aggryxia and checked up on both girls. They both looked at each other out of concern towards Aggryxia.
"I'll go call my husband. See what we can do with this." She went outside of the room and made a phonecall while Lisa's preoccupied with cradling Aggryxia out of conscience.
At the train, Ein and Maria were cleaning the area while being on guard since the mirror's broken.  Sweeping the broken glasses on the floor, Ein asks Maria about Patuc.
"So how did the operation went?"
"It was... Difficult. Somehow we manage to take out the bullet out from his eye socket. Good thing his kind's tough or else, that thing could've pierced through his skull."
"And how's Jean?" As she puts the huge vase back to the table, she sighed and told him:
"Still distraught I tell ya.. I don't think he'd be in tip top condition anytime soon." He reacted by putting his palm in his face and stated:
"When you work with you loved one. A simple injury can bring quite the worry!"
"If I got shot? Would you cry for me?" Ein was caught off guard. He turns around and looks at her only to see that she's quite serious and looking fragile. Something that he never imagined he could see from a tough as nails and outgoing woman.
"W-what made you ask that?" Both had a moment of silence with her looking more vulnerable, until her mind's presence kicks in and asked another question.
"Say, while sh!@ was still hitting the fan, where the f@#k was Jyakki all this time?" The snap back catches her off guard yet again.
"Huh.. Come to think of it, I have no idea!" Right after that, Jean came out looking a bit relieved. His concern over his spouse's condition still has the better of him.  He went to the two of them and said his thanks.
"Thank you for saving my husband.. I was so afraid that I-" Maria walked to him and pats him in the shoulder. Cheerfully, she said:
"Aaah Don't sweat it! He'll be back in no time!" Ein joined and comforts Jean.
"Yeah, she's right. We're here for ya buddy." They both gave him a hug.
"Thank you... so much!.." Jean whispered. Then suddenly, Jyakki enters the room which surprised the trio.
"Yawwn... Sorry 'bout that folks. I was asleep! You know how we Onis are!" Jean just looked away from here and noticing the window's glass was gone, she finally got the hint.
"Something happened here ain't it?" Her face went serious as she spoke.
Back at the city, Oberon, who's still in lamenting about their sale's shrinkage due to his competitor's sudden, receives a phone call.
"Hello dear wh- wait what?...uh huh... on my way!" He turns off the phone and calls his cab and after that, he left the office saying:
"Oh lord... One problem after another.."

Chapter 12
Aggryxia woke up at a familiar room. Looking at her surroundings, she's happy to be back at where she grew most of her life.
"Aggryxia! Breakfast's ready!" Said Mira said. She jumped off of bed and went down but she saw no one there. She checked everywhere and heard Lisa's voice beyond the door.
"Aggry? Over here! Outside!" The young jhonian never expected her to be in the forest.
"Big sis? In the forest?" Curious, she opened the door and a flash of light envelops her. The light slowly fades and she finds herself at her current residence in the city.
"Wait, What? Hmmm.. Hello? Is anybody home?" She checked everywhere from living room to the garage downstairs. Still she couldn't find anyone. Then she heard voices. Muffled and many. As they slowly became clearer, she heard Cecil, Richard, and Lisa talking to people. In an instant, everything went dark and Aggryxia slowly woke up only to see herself strapped in a bed from the chest down to her feet.
"Big sis?.. Where am I? I can't!.. Get up! *grunt* Help!" A doctor lays a hand into her chest with another syringe in hand. As the three adults were talking, Lisa took a short glimpse and saw that the same thing might happen. She took no hesitation on knocking the other doctors just to sheild Aggryxia.
"NOO! Please! Don't hurt my baby! She's been through enough for today!" The doctor complained against Lisa's intrusion.
"Ugh, look miss, we're in a middle of-" But Lisa pleaded to the doctors.
"I tried constricting her during the process! She's too strong! And not even these restrain belts can hold her for long! Trust me, I tried!" She said while grabbing the doctor in both shoulders with dead set eyes. The doctor sighed and asks:
"While I was showing her the syringe, her face went shocked. I was hoping to find out what flipped her switch until YOU came and get in the way!"
"It was when the needle was lodged into her skin." Richard said as he was carried by his wife Cecil.
"I appreciate the testimony but that kind'a killed the procedure!" The doctor took off his gloves and puts down his syringe out of disappointment. As he went out, the other doctors stared at the three of them then went to Aggryxia. Loosening the restraints. Lisa helped Aggryxia get off from bed and embraced her.
"Oh my god, Aggryxia... Thank goodness I was there to stop you."
"W-what happened big sis? Why am I here?" Cecil and Richard stared at each other, making it clear that she remembered nothing.
"Aggry, are you sure you don't remember anything?" Richard asks as the couple went near to them.
"Nope!.." She said as her face paints nothing but innocence.
As the hired guns reached their next stop over, Jean and Ein carried Patuc, who just gained consciousness, to the nearest medical facility.
"Ugh...I'm sorry to have you worried guys."
"Shhh, calm now dear. It's ok."
"Easy big guy." Maria watched the two leave by the window as she took her hand carry bag. Looking for Jyakki, she already guessed where she should look for her. She groaned as she thought of it.
"Hey, Jyakki! Wanna board off the train and buy somethin'?"
"Nah, I'm good sugar-cube! Gotta stay here and keep an eye on this prisner' here." She said while feeding him.
"Well holy crap. I just noticed that he's cooperatin' with ya." Maria said. Jyakki winks at her and replied:
"It's all about these!" Then she points to her chest. With the continuous irritating sound from his extender, Maria could no longer take it and head out.
"Ugh! Fine! But if you changed yer mind, just call me jyak!"
"Okay! See ya!" Outside the clinic's waiting area, Ein was on the cellphone talking with Lisa.
"Sigh... One problem after another.. Listen, tell the couple that I owe them big time. Okay honey?"
"You too! Be careful out there! Hon?"
"I love you."
"I love you too honey. Now tell Aggryxia to brush her teeth. We'll comeback alive. Bye." Ein drops the phone and with his old picture of him and Lisa back when they were younger. He turns the screen off and puts his phone back into his pocket. He wandered around the building in order to chill a bit until he bumped into someone. A female human accompanied by an orc. Bags fell to the ground in which Ein quickly picks them up and gives it back to her.
"Whoops! Sorry!"
"N-no! I'm sorry! I wasn't paying attention!"
" *snork* Watch where you going next time Betty! You'll never know what hit ya if you doze off!" Ein then bids them farewell and continues to wander off.
"Anyway, Have a good night you two." The orc tips his hat while the girl looks at him. The orc said:
"Such a nice person! We better hurry up before they start eating each other!"*snork*"
"Hah! That I'd be dying to see!" Inside the clinic, the doctor just finished treating the patient. Patuc and Jean listened carefully to the doctor's advice and head out. Leaning to his husband for support since he's still recovering, Jean said:
"You heard what he said. Every 6 hours okay dear?"
"Yeah yeah... but it just still hurts like hell! Can't we just sear it so that it'll be over?"
"UGH! That's much worse!"
"I prefer that better than having to bother feeling the pain OVER and Over..." Then the talk went a little serious, reflecting from what happened. Still fresh from the experience, he's almost breaking down as he speak.
"I thought.... I was g-gonna lose you there dear. It scared me to death!.. *sniff*"
"Thanks for taking great care of me dear. I owe it to you and Maria.. And don't worry, I won't leave ya behind.." With tears falling into his eyes, Jean replied:
"You know dear, suppose we may not make it back alive, don't you think we should inform the rest of our folks back home?"
"Yeah.. Maybe we should." A spur of the moment overcame Patuc and whispered on Jean's ear:
"Hey dear, when we get back, I'll go transgender so we can have kids of our own!" Jean blushed and said:
"WH-WHAAA? Dear, do you even know how much pain your'e gonna-"
"Haha.. If i took a bullet in the head, what more at giving birth, right?"
"Aw dear!..." They kept talking as they walked.
Miles away from their current location, The woman and  the orc met up with their group who just set camp.
"Well look who's here! We almost ate our emergency rations If you two didn't kept us waiting for so long!" said the Goblin who's putting twigs at the camp fire.
"I think these two are busy making out back there.." said the other goblin.
"Now now boys, be nice! *snorks* Just get the casserole and help betty over here!" Then another voice joins the conversation.
"Speaking of help, I caught myself a big game! How's that for impractical?" Boarding her extender, she showed off her kill in front of the others. The goblins were amazed at her prize.
"DIBS ON BRAIN!" said the twins. The human girl seemed displeased and said:
"Do you really have to rub it in my face karen?" She took off her night vision, revealing to be a cyclops.
"Protein is crucial at times like these. And besides, hunting's cost effective!"
"Unless you want to buy more ammo at every shot you missed!"
"Girl, I never miss!"
"Like the time that-"
"Enough!" Yet another voice joined the fray from beneath the tent.
"Save the energy for them tomorrow..No use having a cat fight." The orc approaches their squad leader and asked:
"S-sir, since we're now here, why can't we just storm and flush them out?"
"Well, If we do that my friend, we won't be receiving any Gigawood since these hired men are properly registered through their system, compromising our mission."
"I'm *snork* sorry if I asked sir. It's just that it's my first time raiding in these lands!"
"At ease soldier. As for you ladies, help the twins prepare dinner. We've spent such a long day, chop chop!" They put aside their differences and does what he said. The orc and the commander sat down in front of the campfire and continued their conversation.
"As for tomorrow's activity, when are we going to initiate are assault sir?" The man closed his eyes and took a sip of whiskey and gave his answer.
"We attack at afternoon once the train's mile's away from this stop over. If your'e asking why again, it's because we need some access to other supplies and rations. Complete with clever disguises.."
"R-Right... And one more thing sir, any word from them?"
"The one in charge of communication survived the shot.."
"What?! W-well *snork* if that's the case, it STILL should put him out of commission! I have to let her k-" The squad leader stopped him there.
"Do that, and our sniper would be out of commission as well. She's dead serious about her work!"
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Chapter 7
As the sunrise paints the clear blue sky, it's light touched the town's roof tops, making it's colors vibrant. Bird's began to chirp and fly from the trees where they shelter themselves, rustling it's leaves. Maria's cellphone alarms at precisely 7 in the morning. It's time to wake up. She reached her arm towards the mini drawer where she kept her cellphone. She turned it off then scratches her eyes and stretched afterwards. Wearing only a black tank top and a teal underwear with a bunny print at the back, she went downstairs while scratching her butt. She said to herself:
"*Yawn*... gotta cook some breakfast for every- *yawn* -one.." She scratched her midriff then she opened her eyes. Ein was in the kitchen wearing pajamas. As he stared at her with a bowl and a whisk, they stared awkwardly at each other until Maria breaks the silence.
"The f@#$ you lookin' at?" Still scratching all over her body as she went to the kitchen without a damn. Ein blushed and went back to his task. She asks him a question:
"*Yawn* So, brings you here?"
"Well, I uh- just excited about today!... ehehe!.." He said while beating the eggs.
"You makin' 'lettes?"
"Yeah! It's something that I haven't done in a while! So how do you like your eggs?" Then she replied right behind him, leaning thus breaking his focus.
"*Yawn* I dunno... how 'bout yer eggs?" He almost dropped his bowl and whisk and he immediately puts it down on the table. He grabbed her by the shoulders, trying to stand her up but Maria leaned her head against his chest. Ein said:
"M-Maria? Wake up! H-hey!" But when he took her off his chest, he noticed that she's went back to sleep while drooling. Ein sighed with relief and looked upstairs, hoping that the others were still asleep. She carried her back to her room as quickly as possible. As he laid her down gently on her bed, her sleeping reflexes kicked in, hugging him. With his head on her chest, Ein assumed that she was dreaming so he gently took her arms off of him and went down stairs as fast and as silently as he could. As he went down, he was surprised to see Lisa and Aggryxia sitting at the table, greeting him.
"Morning big bro!"
"Good morning 'hon'!" Laughing nervously, Ein replied:
"I-I can explain!" As he served them, Ein sat down with a hand-print marking his face.
"Eat up girls.."
"Yay! Breakfast time!" Aggryxia went ahead and eat while Lisa served milk and 2 cups of warm coffee.
"Sorry 'bout that slap in the face honey. I dunno what came over me!"
"It's... okay. No hard feelings."
"I-It's her turn today to make breakfast and such even when she's sleep walking. Should've mentioned that when you both first got here!~" Ein looks at her and said:
"Yeah!... You should've." Then Lisa's cellphone made a noise and when took a look, she received a message from Ralph saying that the money's been transferred from her account and if she'd tell Ein about the trouble in the east. She replied that she hasn't done it yet and went back to eating her breakfast.
"Mmm~! This is really good!" To which he replied happily:
"Thanks! I'm glad I haven't lost my touch!" Aggryxia was heard humming as she enjoys what he cooked while looking at both of them. Ein and Lisa were happy by this moment. Lisa said:
"I love you hon!" she held his hand and stared longingly at her.
"I love you too honey!" He replied. As she sees two adults expressing their affection for one another, they heard a yell from upstairs.
"AARGH! I'M LATE!" Loud noises can be heard when they looked, they saw Maria falling down landing back first. Everyone got off of their chairs and rushed towards her.
At the office, Oberon was busy reading some papers about the amount of sales they have. Cecil went close to her husband and saw the lists. As they finished reading, Richard, drops the papers on the desk, frustrated. He puts his elbows and gently vents out.
"This is the third time this week! We're way behind from our competitors now!" Comforting her husband she said:
"I'll call up a meeting at the RnD department and see what we can do from there dear." But with the news still fresh, Richard replied:
"Don't bother. We'll have to cancel the whole thing to save some money..." She couldn't bear seeing him this depressed but business must come first.
"Alright. This won't be pretty!..." She picks up her phone and does what he says. Richard struggles to fly towards the window to take a good look at his company. Seeing all the workers doing their jobs, he's concerned about each and every individual's family and futures. He went back to his desk and used his remote to turn on the T.V. and sees the news about the empire, the peace talks between the league and the union, and the bandits. Then he changed the channel showing that he's not just the only one affected from the crisis but two other companies such as Solomon tech and FAD- his company's 2 major competitors making his, 3rd place out of 10. As he watched, the phone rings. He picks it up and asks:
"Oberon speaking...uh huh. Oh, yes. Send them in." Inside their main building, Aggryxia was so fascinated at how everything is so bright and clean that whenever she looks at the ground, she can see her reflection.
"Big bro! Look! I't like we're walking on mirrors! It's so shiny! And slippery~!" As she enjoyed her self, she runs and slides all over the place.
"Aggryxia-sweetie! You might get hurt! Honey stop her!" She said while dragging his arm. Then Maria joins aggryxia and they both played around.
"Ugh! Maria stop encouraging her!" Lisa chases after them before one of them bumps onto something or someone working in the building. As he watched them chase one another, Ein hears a familiar voice calling him from behind.
"Mr. Bloom! Welcome!" He turns around and sees Cecil walking towards him.
"Hi Mrs. Oberon!" They both shook hands and and went down to business.
"Perfect timing! My husband's in a middle of something important.. Are you alone?" She looked over his shoulder and saw the girls still chasing each other.
"WHOOPS! Miss me big sis!"
"OHOHO! SHE MAD!" Ein also say this silly mishap and said:
"I'm sorry about that! I'll- uh go fetch the girls!"
Inside a dark room with a holographic projection, Richard and Cecil gave them a mission briefing about a task that will take place next week. The CEO showed them a map layout from where they bought the supplies from to Able city's import station.
"As you can see here in this map, It takes 3 days just to get there. A total of 6. Round trip, using a train. And it's the fastest way to get there." Richard stated. Lisa raised her hand and asks:
"And where do you think these raiders come and get your supplies?" Richard answered:
"Good question! Dear?" Cecil went and showed them where the area of attack and what time it occurs.
"According to our reports, they say it's around these areas on both sides of the train tracks. They attack at night, making it difficult to detect them without special goggles." Then Maria raised her hand and asks:
"Are we the first batch that you guys hired for this mission?"
"Sadly, no. The previous ones that we hired, which is the second time we got robbed, where killed in action. The train operators where very terrified." Richard answered. He then showed the pictures of a gruesome aftermath. Another person, a male kakuen, raised his hand and asks:
"If they would just raid, why would they leave half at the cargo? They could've just taken everything right?" Surprisingly, instead of either Richard or Cecil, Ein answered his question.
"Raiders have a time frame on how much stuff they can take before they reach our territory. If my guess is correct, by the time the cargo reached halfway here in Able city, they're already gone. My guess is that these "raiders" the company spoke of are well trained-Organized. They're not some run of the mill, guns blazing crooks."
"If that's a case, why not extend the area where we can detect them?" the kakuen asked.
"Because extending our territory would take weeks until it's done. By that time, this company would be in bad shape." Cecil answered.
"So case and point, we need them to be stopped. We'll provide you with the necessary tools available to dispatch them." Richard said.
"If this mission fails, the level of threat will be raised into category A costing us an even higher penny." Cecil said.
"IF we failed? When are we headin' out?" Maria asked.
"Tomorrow. I hope you would understand the situation we are in right now but do take heart that we will PROPERLY compensate you. That conclude today's meeting." Richard turned on the lights while Cecil turned of the holographic projection. Aggryxia woke up after the meeting since she was tired from earlier and was asleep the during the whole meeting. Once she felt like the light were turned on she stood up and stretched and asks:
"Is the meeting over Big sis?"
"Yes it is! Now let's go to the rest room and have you freshen up." While scratching her eyes she said:
"Okay!.. we'll be back Big bro!" Ein nodded his head and was approached a bearded troll.
"Yo mah man! Got time?"
"U-uh yes?"
"That hunch you just said about them raiders man! I can tell that your'e smart! Name's Patuc! The guy you just talked with was my husband Jean!"
"Nice to meet you!"
"Nice to meet you both! So what brings you both here?"
"Well, you see.. My sister's husband was one of the group that Mr. Oberon mentioned. So, this is kind'a personal!"
"I'm so sorry to hear that Jean. What about you?" Ein asks after consoling jean.
"I specialize as a navigator! Keeping my sugar alive every step of the way! I once worked in the military!" Patuc answers.
"Well, we'd certainly need your experience! Your'e a very lucky man!" He compliments.
"By the way, I heard that there will be four of us in the field! How come that person never showed up? Think we'll end up 1 man short?"
"I dunno. That might be a worse case scenario!" Ein said. Then they heard a loud knock on the wall which startled the men. Cecil said to them:
"Actually, she's been with us the whole time." while pointing her finger on the wall.
"Wait? What?" The troll said. The three of them went out of the room to see a 9 foot tall oni sitting against the wall, listening to the entire meeting.
"Howdy! I was listening to the whole thing! Don't mind me!.."
"Why hi! I'm jean and this is my husband-"
"Patuc? And this guy 'ver here's Ein am I 'right?" She said as she pointed her fingers on each of them.
"Wow! You sure have good ears!" Ein said.
"Oh gawrsh where my manners! Jyakki! Jayki Gung-ho!" She can barely stand up since her back can actually touch the ceiling of the building. Jyakki suggests
"Can we continue havin' a chat at someplace huge? It's kind'a cramped in here!" Cecil directs to the hangar station.
"This way please?" The three followed them while Ein stayed behind, waiting for Maria, Lisa, and Aggryxia.
"Ein mah man! Aren't you coming with us?" asked the troll.
"Be right there! I'm just waiting for my family." The four went on ahead without him and just moments later, the girls were right behind him with Aggryxia bumping his back.
"Big bro! Big bro! where do we go next?" Ein pats her head and told her that the next place would be the hangar.
"WOOOW! It's sooo HUUGE~!" Everyone saw how much Extenders and it's weaponry were present from it's construction, to deployment. Aggryxia took a close look at each and ever model that were on stand by like kids at her age at a toy shop.
"Woah! Easy there little girl!" Lisa said.
"But they're just so many! With pretty colors!" As they continued to look around, Ein and Maria were with Cecil discussing about their plans for Aggryxia's education.
"That's quite the generous offer Mrs. Oberon! I -We.. can't thank you enough!" Ein said.
"Aw come on! The kid deserved it! 'Sides, you gotta take what you can get!" Maria said while nudging her elbows on Ein.
"She's right. Once after they run her with some test, they should be able to find a school where she'll be given the best education." Cecil said. After that, Ein moves in front of his extender suit, Lambda, outfitted with new parts suitable for his next mission. He moves closer and puts his hand and stares longingly at it. He turned around them and asks:
"How's your extender suit going Maria?"
"Eh it's undergoing some minor customization at the moment! I'm taking FULL advantage of them gift cards!" She said while looking at Cecil while saying the word 'full'.
"Eherm.. Anyway, I'm needed elsewhere! As much as I would like to stay over here and chat, I have to go. I'll give you a call once your extenders are loaded into your trucks."
"Y-yes! Thank you very much Cecil!" He said while bowing to her. Maria looked at him while smiling silly. He gently pushed her in which she asks:
"Woah! What's your problem?"
"Maria do you really have to be so blunt at her?"
"What? I'm just being honest here!" She said as she punch his arm.
"Yeah, Good point." As the two walked to meet with the other two, Lisa was sitting on top of Lisa's shoulders so that she could look at the other extenders on the same height until they saw a group of mercenaries wearing identical green uniforms.
"Uwaaaa! Big sis! Can we go over there?" Asking Lisa
"Huh? Oh you mean near these guys? Sure thing!"
"Yaay! Mush!"
"Alright... But not to close okay?" As they slithered near them, they watched the group from the distance where they all stood in formation. A bearded, stout, and short elderly human can be seen walking around the formation while orienting them for some training. As he finished, he snaps his fingers where a 3 huge convoys opened its hatch revealing mass produced extender suits with a pair of arms. This makes the young jhonian scream with fascination as she wanted to go near them.
"KYAAAAAAAAAA! Big sis! I wanna go near them! Can I? Please?"
"Shhh quiet Aggryxia! They might get angry!" She said as she looked up at her.
"But why?" Suddenly, someone else answered.
"Because it's off limits to civilians!" Then they were surprised as one of it's senior members just showed up right in front of them.
"Hiya! Name's Cheng! Cheng Willow! Human! Nice to meetcha Ms..?"
"Lisa! Lisa Slyther! The one sitting on top of my shoulder's Aggryxia!"
"Hiya Mr. Willow!" Aggryxia noticed something on Cheng's left waist and asks what it is.
"What's that your'e carrying Mr. Cheng?"
"Oh this? It's my whip! I use it whenever I'm at a field!" Aggryxia's looked at his whip as he picks it from his waste for a closer look. Then she went back to him and asks him:
"Mr. Cheng, can I go take a look at your extenders?"
"I-I'm sorry little missy! But like I sai-" Before finishing his sentence, he jumped and shouted in pain because his leader just kicked him from his butt. The rest of the newly recruited mercs tried to hold off their laughter for as hard as they can. Then their leader pinches him in the ear and yelled:
"I-I was just talking to these fine and pretty women sir!"
"This little girl on top of her shoulde-" and before he could finish explaining, Aggryxia asks:
"Excuse me sir, but is there a way where I can look at them closely?" Lisa apologizes at the leader while slightly stuttering.
"I-I'm S-so-sorry sir! She's just fascinated at these models sir!" The captain pushes his Cheng aside. He moves a little bit closer to them and asks:
"You takin' care of this young litter here?" Lisa answered nervously.
"Y-Ye-Yes sir! Me and my boyfriend!" He twirls his beard and continues.
"I knew them Jhonies bein' formidable adversaries and such! Once fought against them back in me younger 'days! Now I see plenty of 'im here in the city... What's yer name kid?"
"My names Aggryxia sir! And you?" She said while extending her hand.
"The names Julius Maxwell! How old are ya?"
"6 years old!"
"I see!... Hows' about you join our humble group and be one of them best of 'them best?" Then a voice at a distance can be heard answering:
"That's for her to decide!" They looked through their right and saw Ein and Maria.
" 'Xcuse me? And you?" He asked while raising an eyebrow.
"My apologies! I'm this kid's guardian sir." Maria went on and helped Aggryxia get down from Lisa's shoulders. Aggryxia asks Ein:
"Big bro? What's he talking about?" Ein kneels down at her and explained to her in which she can understand.
"Aggry, this man here's asking if you would like to join their group where you'll have to fight other people in order to defend others who can't."
"Ahh..." Then the old man asks:
"So young missy? Ya wanna join us? When 'yer at a certain age that is." After 2 seconds, Aggryxia gave him her answer.
"I dowanna!... "
"Well that's a downer!" Ein smiled after she makes her own decision. She rubs the back of her head and said:
"Whatever you choose aggry, Just remember that WE got your back!" Then Aggryxia went back to her request.
"So can I look at theme? Please? Pretty please?" The old man scratched the back of his head and said:
"Ok, fine! Just be careful lil' girl. They're quite new!" Aggryxia's overjoyed at his approval. She grabbed Ein's hand, dragging them near to the extenders.
"Well that went pretty well!" Maria said whispering to Lisa's ear.
"I know right?" Then Aggryxia, over excited, shouts at them. Telling both of them to come with them.
"COME WITH US BIG SISTERS! HURRY~!" They followed as soon as possible.
"Right! Right! We comin'!" Over the window, Richard and Cecil were discussing about their fascination with Aggryxia.
"Dear? What do you think of the child?" Cecil asked.
"She's.... amazing! I can only imagine when she's grown up. She'd be a good officer, or perhaps a soldier."
"Whatever she picks, as long as THEY're around, I'd sure she be fine." She went a bit fidgety and asked Richard something serious.
"Uhm.. Dear? Do you think we can have kids of our own?" Richard went flustered and replied:
"I-I uh... well, Let's talk about that when we get home." They walked out of the room as they continued their conversation.

Chapter 8
A day passed after the meeting, the team: consisting of Ein, Maria, Patuc, Jean, and Jyakki, where riding the train in the middle of nowhere. Outside, the temperature was scorching hot that stepping on the ground barefooted  can burn your heels. Luckily, Inside of their truck was air conditioned to keep the passengers cool throughout the rest of the day. Ein was sitting beside the window sharpening his knives. The couple were having a romantic moment together ignoring that this is a mission even if it's for a brief moment. Jyakki was at the other room watching television, preferring to be alone while the sun is up and Maria just finished taking her bath. With everyone preoccupied with what they're doing, an announcement was made from the speaker.
"May I have your attention please, a sand storm is approaching us at 15 miles per hour. Please be seated and fasten your seat belts for your safety! I repeat-" Ein does does what the speaker announced and safely covered his equipment with a towel. As the train enters the storm, everything begins to shake a bit. He patiently waited for them to pass through as he sits tight.
"Whooo! This sure is fun eh dear?" Jean said as he's leaning towards Patuc.
"I-It s-sure I-is!" He replied.
"S-say Ein? How b-bad was the s-storm out there?" Jean asks. Looking throught the window he saw how thick the sand is that it's impossible for him to see anything outside. He replied to Jean.
"V-Very bad! Like, r-really so b-bad, you can't see a t-thing!" Inside the living quarters of the train, Maria just laid down flat on the bed. As the bed shakes, she said to herself:
"Well this certainly takes me back!.. Hope this ends sooner." Then she heard a knock on her door.
"Who is it? N-Now's not the time to a-actually wonder around!" she said.
"Open u-up! It's m-me Jyakki!" Frustrated to even have someone waiting at her doorstep in the middle of a storm, Maria stood up from her bed while struggling to maintain footing. As she opened the door, she saw Jyakki carrying a broken part in her hand.
"REEEALLY sorry that I gotta d-disturb 'ya. But can you h-help me out with sumthin'?" Maira took a closer look at the part and said:
"Okay.. Let me get changed first!"
"Iiiyep!" Meanwhile, Ein is still seated patiently as the train still rocks from the sandstorm. As he looked at the window, the sand begins to clear up a bit and the train to feel less wobbly. Suddenly, he felt a huge bump on the train causing everyone in it to jump from their seat.
"Woah! What was that?" Jean said.
"I-I dunno! Must be some critter got ran over, dear!" Patuc replied. Meanwhile, Jyakki fell on Maria, pinning her down with her huge breasts.
"Whoops! Sorry 'bout that Mar!" As she got off her, Maria gasped for air Maria said:
"GOD DAMN!... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU FEEDIN' ON! Those things could've killed me!"
"Oh, well I eat... QUITE alot! And some milk-" But hen Maria interrupted:
"That's not the point!" Over at Ein, moments after that, he looked over at his window again and saw a red dot at a distance. He squints his eyes for a close inspection only to be caught by surprised when a dead creature's decapitated head hits his window making him jump on his seat for the second time. With it's tongue sticking out, that there was something impaled at the back of it's neck. He went closer to the window to examine it. Then he heard Jean's terrified shriek from behind as Tupac hold's his lover in his arms.
"WoWoah! WHAT THE F@$# IS THAT EIN?!" Patuc said while a bit freaked out.
"I dunno! It just popped out right in my face!" He replied.  As the train finally got out of the storm, Ein immediately opens the window and grabs the head into the table.
"Sorry if you guys have to see this! You can leave if your'e feeling disgusted by this!" Instead, the couple stayed and encouraged him. He tried to take out the thing that was pierced through it's skull but it was deep and slippery thanks to it's blood.
"I-It's no use! I need some pliers to get this thing out!" Luckily, Maria and Jyakki entered to meet up with them and also had the same reaction as the couple.
"HOLY SH%T WHAT THE F$#@ IS THAT THING?!" Maria shouted.
"BLEH!" Ein asks Maria if she has pliers.
"Maria! Do you have some pliers with ya?" Still disgusted, Maria answered with her tongue sticking out in the end.
"Yeah! Oh bleck! Imma *hurk* go get some!" And she immediately rushed while feeling sick to her stomach. Later, 5 of them were at the train's cargo area discussing about what was in some random beast's head earlier.
"That's a drill dart!" Jean said.
"Could it be that this 'bump' could have been tied to that Ein?" Patuc said.
"Your guess is as good as mine Patuc. I also saw a  red light dot from the window."
"They must've been following us..." Maria said. Jean picks up the dart and checks both of it's end. When he find something in the base of the dart, there was a symbol that he couldn't make out what it is since it's too tiny.
"Wait, there's a symbol at the base! I'm certain that it belonged to some manufacturer. Does anyone got any magnifying lenses?"
"I got one!" Maria lent him her's and they found out what it is. Everyone took turns at looking.
"It's from FAD!" Jyakki answered.
"Think they somehow connected?" Maria said.
"I dunno. Some crooks can buy stuff from both sides' arm dealers. But if they do..."
"Smuggled goods can be pain in the bullock even if you tried to make sure they don't!" Jean said.
"I think we bettah tell Oberon about this!" Patuc said. Ein looked very troubled from these clues so much that he couldn't hear anyone else while he's thinking. Patuc came up with an idea.
"Everyone, let's take turns at patrolling on top of this train! See if we can get anymore clues while we're on the look out for any suspicious activity."
"Sounds good patuc. So who's going first?" Ein said. Jyakki raised her hand as the willing volunteer.
"Ooh! Pick me Patuc!"
"Alright! We be taking turns every hour! The rest of us should still be on the look out inside this train by pairs!" Jean raised his hand and said:
"I'll go with you dear. Let me get us our bayonets."
"Alright dear. Ein, you with Maria."
"No problem cheif." Ein said.
"I'll got get us some guns too! Be right back Ein."
"Sure thing. I'll wait for you here." Then Patuc claps his hand, declaring the start of their patrol.
As hours passed until night time, they haven't found any strange activity since then. As the others went to bed due to getting tired, decided to go and get some shut eye. Maria was sitting on top of the train cargo, using  her binoculars, vigilantly watching for any signs of potential invasion. Behind her, Ein climbed from below, carrying a rifle, a thermos and a cup. He greets Maria from behind.
"Heyo! Find everything yet?"
"Still nothing!.. Say, you think they were testing us back then?" Ein sat beside her and replied:
"A part of me thinks that might be the case, but then again-it could've been something else." After that, Maria pats him in the shoulder and said:
"You know what I think? Bed. A soft and fluffy bed. I'll see you tomorrow Ein. 'Night!" She gave him the binoculars as she heads down.
" You too. Get some shut eye Maria"
"Thanks." She closed the trap door of the train's top, leaving Ein on guard duty throughout the night.

Earlier afternoon, back when their train was in the middle of a sandstorm, Cecil, Lisa, and Aggryxia went to a school to see if she can be enrolled.
"I'm sorry to disappoint you ladies but I'm afraid we can't accept her due to two things: Her lack of birth certificate and it's way past enrollment period."
"Can't you just take her in while we get her a certificate?" Lisa pleaded while touching Aggryxia's shoulder. The owner of the school stood her ground and with it's rules. She took off her glasses and said:
"I don't think you understand how this works Ms. Lisa, but we must have her birth certificate first before we do anything else. But even if you did, we can't accept more because she's... so far behind from this schools academic activities!" Frustrated, Aggryxia looked at her and asks:
"Big sis? Am I going here?" With a frown, Lisa answered.
"No Aggryxia. I'm sorry.."
"Aaww.." Cecil watched the whole thing took place and decided to respect the owner's decision.
"We'll it's been nice of you to have us in. Thank you for your time." Cecil reached out her hand and shook hands with her.
"The pleasure is mine!" As they did, Lisa and Aggryxia stood up. She forced herself to smile and shook hands with her out of formality.
"Thank you for having us!.." Lisa said. As they walk outside from the school, Lisa expressed her frustration to Cecil while holding Aggryxia's hand.
"That's the last school from our list and still nothing! They all said the same thing! We can't have her wait for her birth certificate to finish! She'll never learn anything!"
"Lisa, the process only takes two months."
"Big sis? What am I going to do now?" Aggryxia asked. Lisa took a moment to pause. She went down and gave her a hug while whispering:
"I'm sorry Aggry... I'll think of something!" Cecil puts her hand on Lisa's shoulder and suggests:
"She's right. Maybe we should go get her a birth certificate. As for the rest of the school year, I think we should have her home schooled 'till the next enrollment period." Lisa looks at her with a sad face and said:
"Oh... Alright. Perhaps we should take things time! Perhaps we should teach you how to get used her in the city, right Aggry?"
"Okay big sis! Can you teach me how to read later?"
"Sure thing!" She smiles as she give her the answer. The 3 of them went to the cafe were they decided to take lunch after their search. As they went inside, they were greeted by the same jhonian waitress who served Ein and Ralph from their last visit.
"Welcome! Table for 3?"
"Yes please. That would be great!" Cecil said. As the waitress looked who's beside the lamia, she saw her fellow kin, which made the waitress gave them the  warmest of service.
"Please! Right this way! You three must be very hungry! I'll set up some appetizers while I'm at it!" This too made Aggryxia happy knowing that there are others like her in the city.
"I'm not alone big sis! She's the same as me! Can I talk to her?! Can I?! Can I?!" Excitement overflows within her that she wags her tail. Lisa and Cecil were astonished at how happy she is. Lisa pats her in the head saying:
"Woah there! Settle down spazzy! We'll talk to her when she's free ok? Now let's take a seat!"
"I sense something good is coming out of this, eh Lisa?" Cecil said.
"I know. Despite being surrounded with people who were friendly and with us, it must've been quite lonely to be the only one of group! I know that feeling VERY well.." She said as they reached the table and sat down. The waitress to was excited and was wagging her tail even tho she tried to keep it down due to her skirt while serving food. After that, she took her notebook and pen and started asking their orders.
"So, whaddaya girls want for lunch?" Lisa and Cecil read the menus as Aggryxia asks:
"What's your name miss?"
"My name's Astrid Lo! How about you little one?"
"My name's Aggryxia Bloom! This here's my big sister Lisa! And this one is Mrs. Oberon!"
"It's nice to meet you two!"
"Nice to meet you as well Ms. Astrid. I would like to order some vegetable salad. How about you two?" Cecil said.
"I'll be taking two Bulwine steak please! Well done for the little girl and Medium rare for me!"
"Okay! I'll be right back and have the orders ready ASAP! And as for you Aggryxia, I got something extra that you might like! Are you excited?" She said as she pokes her nose with her index finger which made Aggryxia excited.
"YEAH!" The waitress rushed inside the kitchen to get the orders done. They had a chat with the waitress as she serves them.
"Say Astrid, how long have you've been working here?" Lisa asks.
"About 3 months!"
"How old are you Astrid?" Aggryxia asks.
"I'm 20 years old! How about you small fry?"
"I'm 6!" Then Aggryxia ate her steak with a happy face.
"So, does she belonged to any tribe If I may ask?"
"Tribe? I dunno.... My boyfriend never mentioned any of it come to think of it..." This caught Aggryxia and Cecil's attention.
"Right, do YOU know about that Aggryxia?" Cecil asks.
"Hrm? What's a tribe Mrs. Oberon?"
"A tribe is a group where you belong since birth, Aggry." Cecil answered. Aggryxia begins to close her eyes and begins to think with her arms crossed. After that, she said:
"So that means, I'm from the bloom tribe!" The rest of the ladies chuckled from her answer. The waitress Astrid went a little close to her fellow kin, pats her in the back, and told her:
"Silly~! A family name's different from a tribe. Let's just drop that question. So what did you girls do today?" Lisa answered with a bit of a down side tone.
"Sigh... We went to all the nearest schools today so she can study."
"Why's that?" Cecil answered the rest.
"Two things. The lack of birth certificate and it's way past enrollment period." What came after that was something that they did not expect.
"Perfect timing! I happen to have a second job working as a tutor!" Lisa and Cecil slammed their hands on the table causing Aggryxia and Astrid to be startled. Both took the opportunity a tad bit assertive causing Astrid to feel cornered.
"WHAT'S YOUR PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL, AND HOME ADDRESS!" The questions went on and on. Aggryxia then covered both of her ears and asks both women:
"Are you two fighting?!" They snapped back to their senses and apologized to the young girl.
"O-oh! No Aggry we're not! It's just that we just found someone who can help you study!" Hearing the news, this made Aggryxia jumped for joy.
"YAAY! I'M GONNA GO TO SCHOOL!" Cecil corrects her to make sure that she knows the difference.
"No Aggryxia, your'e still staying home! But Astrid will come at your place EVERY DAY to teach you how to study-" Then she looks at Astrid, persuasively and finishes her statement.
"-Isn't that right Ms. Astrid?" Chills went down to her spine. She was forced to say yes since Cecil was a little too scary.
"U-Uh.... Y-yes! I-I will!"
"Good!" As Lisa and Aggryxia rejoiced at their big catch, Cecil went close to Astrid and had a little chat.
"D'ooohhhh!.. Your'e scaring me Ms. Cecil! I got a busy schedule and I don't think I can teach her EVERYDAY!" she said as she whimpered. But this is nothing major for the vice CEO. She took her purse and wrote on something. She rips it off afterwards and hands it over to Astrid only to find that it's a check. She read what was listed and gasped at the amount that was listed. She expressed her surprise in the most eloquent way possible as her tail stood erect.
"HOLY SH*T THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY!" Tipping her glasses Cecil asks her:
"So, can I count on you Ms. Astrid?" She started to breathe heavily due to the things she could do with herself using that amount until she got cold feet, unable to think straight.
"All these squares make a circle...All these squares make a circle...All these squares make a circle..." Lisa and Aggryxia rushed to her side worrying about what could've caused it.
"Hey! What happened here Cecil?! She looked burned out!"
"Ms. Astrid? Are you okay?! What happened?!" But then Lisa saw what she had in her hands which gave her a sigh of relief. She turned to Cecil and said:
"Wow! THAT much Cecil?" To which she replied:
"Hey, we take what we can get!" She turned her attention to Aggryxia and told her that she's fine.
"Don't worry aggry, she's just a bit surprised." Some of the customers begin to notice including some of her workmates since the breakdown created a scene.
"Calm down everyone! She's just.... overwhelmingly happy! Back to your lives! Nothin' to see here!" Lisa said to everyone. She went down and started to help Astrid to stand back on her feet.
As she drove Lisa and Aggryxia back home, Cecil received a call from her husband. She pushed the button from her dash board.
"Hello dear?"
"Hello! How's business over there?" Richard replied with a sad and frustrated tone.
"Horrible! FAD just made a nationwide ad of their new products! I-It's.... GAME BREAKING a-and HORRIBLE!"
"Calm down. Can you show me dear?" First, Richard showed a video of a booster module for extender suits, showing it's capabilities. Lisa and Aggryxia were astonished at the sight, much to the couple's dismay.
"Oh my god it's happening! I can't wait to get one~!"
"Yes. Apparently they beat us to the punch as the first to sell to the public! At the end of the video, you can see that they have something BIG up their sleeves." Richard fast forwards the clip of the video, revealing the first official civilian use extender specializing in aerial scenarios. This made Lisa and Aggryxia even more astonished. Their further patronizing has made Richard's face upset and was made apparent when he closed the video clip focusing back at him, giving them the look. Lisa quickly understood this and tells aggryxia to stop.
"O-Oh! I uh, sorry! --Aggry, he's upset! we better stop!"
"Whoops!... Sorry Mr. Oberon.." The two of them apologized. He cleared down his throat and continues to talk to his wife.
"I wish to discuss this even further once you get back home."
"Okay dear. See you later! I love you!"
"I love you too dear. Richard, out." Cecil apologizes to the two about Richard earlier.
"I'm sorry.. He's a bit of a sore-looser!..."
"No, It's OUR fault. We both couldn't contain ourselves back there."
"Does he hate us Mrs. Oberon?"
"No pumpkin! Once he sees you again, I'm sure he'll be as sweet as always so don't feel bad!" As they reached the house, Lisa gave Cecil her thanks.
"We really appreciated the help you've given us today Cecil! We really do!"
"Your'e very welcome!" They said to each other as they shake each others hand. Then she kneels down to Aggryxia and said:
"Congratulations Aggryxia! Are you excited to study?" Aggryxia jumps and embraces Cecil which made her misty eyed. Lisa notices and asks if she's okay.
"Cez? Are you okay? What's wrong?" Cecil snaps  back to her senses, taking off her glasses, and wipes her tears. This also concerns Aggryxia so she too asked. After she dried her tears, Cecil said:
"O-Oh my! How silly! Just.. Randomly shedding tears! I should get going. It's been WONDERFUL to spend a day with you two. Especially my favorite little girl!" with a smile as she ruffles the young jhonian's hair, making her to giggle. As she get back up Lisa rubs her in hte back, comforting her and said:
"If there's anything that your'e bothered of, maybe we can help! It's the least we can do after all!" But Cecil turned down the offer politely.
"I appreciate but really! I'm fine. You both have nothing to worry about."
"If you say so Mrs. Oberon! Let us cheer you up next time ok?"
"Thank you!... I must go, my husband's waiting. I'll call you tomorrow for her birth certificate."
"Gotcha! Drive safely Cecil!"
"Bye! Seeya tomorrow!" They waived their hands as Cecil went inside the car. As she moves, she saw them get inside from her side mirror.
"Now go brush your teeth young lady! We're going to bed."
"Aaaaw already? I don't feel sleepy big sis!"
"Now now, we still need to go wake  up early tomorrow! We're getting you a birth certificate, ya got it?"
"Okay..." As she went to the bathroom, Cecil thought that maybe she should go and check up Ein and Maria and deliver the good news. She picks up her phone and starts calling Maria first.
" The number you have dialed is out of coverage area. Please try your call later."
"Hmm.. How about his phone?" Then she calls Ein's phone.
"Uh... Hello?" Ein answered nervously.
"Ah! Hello Honey? How's-"
"Honey? I think now's not the time!"
"Why's that? You busy or something over there?" Then she heard loud crashing noises which made her worried.
"HONEY?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!" While at the train station, things have become a little stressful for the gang as they were being attacked by raiders.
"Well, BUSINESS called! Bye! Love you! Don't tell Aggry! Muah!" Then he turned the phone down and went to cover as enemies opened fire as they tried to shoot him. After the bullets stopped, He Immediately went out and shot one of the raiders in the leg causing it to fall on the ground forcing others to dodge in order to avoid collision. On the other side of the train, Maria shoots the raiders using a minigun while Jyakki is reloading her bazooka.
"Are you done with the reloading?!" Maria asks as she ran out of bullets.
"There we go! Now hold 'on tight! I'm comin'!" She rushed aimed at one the on coming batch of raiders firing her weapon in which they all managed to dodge.
"Tarnation!" Four of them used their grappling darts to pull themselves into their position. Maria and Jyakki quickly drew their knives and tries to cut the ropes.
"COME ON!....."
"DAMMIT! THEIR ROPES ARE REINFORCED! Jyakki, hold the fort! I'm boarding my Ex!" She ran to the cargo where their extenders are placed. There she saw Jean already boarding his Extender suit sniping some raiders from afar before they can reach a certain range where they can shoot. As some of the raiders drew closer, His extender suit's left arm ran out of ammunition, entering reload mode so he used his rifle outfitted with a bayonet while it's right arm used it's flak rifle. He missed most of the shots and spent most of his ammunition. He somehow manage take out 3 out of 5 raiders. The remaining two used their hooks to pull themselves in while shooting at the same time. They manage to damage his left arm while mid reloading which forced him to take cover as move. Maria shouts as he reloads.
"A SEC!" He puts some of the magazines in his mouth and made hand gestures in which some holographic commands appear. He clicked a certain holo-button and quickly resumed back to reloading. The hatch slowly opens which forces Maria to crawl the moment the gap's opening was enough. When he just finished reloading he looked beside him and saw one of the raiders just barely hopped in. The raider's extender suit arm aims a rifle on his main body. He manages to dodge the bullet only to damage it's fuel compartment at the back causing it to leak. He swings his rifle at him in which the raider blocks with it's arm then he gives the raider a double kick, knocking the first one off. The the second took a swing at Jean from behind, using an axe, which cut's upper back's engine responsible for making the arms work. As he turned around, the raider swings his axe again only to get tackled by Maria while boarding her extender suit, VARIENTE. As the raider fell to the ground, Jean quickly got off his extender suit and beats the raider, knocking it out cold.
"THANKS GAL!" Jean said.
"YOU TOO GAL! THAT WAS FABULOUS~!" Jean commandeered the raider's extender in order to keep fighting.
"Now let's see what this bae can do!" He used every weapon it got in it's disposal and was mesmerized by it's sheer power as he shoots oncoming raiders on Jyakki's area.
"This thing... is... AWESOME!" Jyakki as jyakki turned back to thank him, she was surprised that he got one of their extenders.
"NO TIME TO EXPLAIN GIRL! KEEP SHOOTING!" Suddenly of them issued a retreat to the rest of raiders.
"Everyone! Fall back! Now!" As they went away from the train one of them was shot in the back which made one of their members say:
"Wha-! Dammit! Even in retreat they still won't let us live!"
"Just keep mo-" Then another was shot just before he can finish.
"You'll pay for this you b%^$!" The one who fired them was none other than Maria. As they far away from sight she shouts:

Chapter 9
After the raider's first night of attack, they returned to their base of operations, with only few numbers. They got of their extender suits and took off their helmets revealing to be humans. The rest of the other humans along with other races such as orcs, goblins, and elves that are currently minding their own business, went to them with one of them asking:
"So? How'd it go?" asked the female elf. The leader during that operation gave her a grim look at first then he reluctantly replies:
"Thrashed most of us!" Then another female rushed towards him with laboring breathes. She also asks:
"Where's my husband?! WHERE IS HE?!" He made it clear that her spouse is one of their casualties by dodging his glance at her which caused her to fall on her knees. Others also searched only to get the hint due to the handful survivors. Some grieved while others went back to their duties, brushing aside the pain. Their leader turned back and told the rest:
"You did great fellas... Go get some rest. I'll report to the chief."
"Sir!" He walks into a huge tent with a symbol on top of it with a pair of orcs guarding it's entrance. One of the guards greeted him as he approaches.
"H-hey boss! You okay?" the orc asks out of concern since he looked tired and disheartened.
"Yeah... But the others... Not so much." He replied. The other orc expressed his condolences as he gives him news.
"If it's any consolation to ya, we just received some new package!" Shaking his head as he enters ahead, he pats the second orc in the shoulder saying:
"Weapons, THAT we can buy-But lives? No." Implying his disinterest with the delivery. Inside the tent, a woman with a pony tail can be seen looking at her map laying flat on the table thinking about their next strategy. As she decides her where her next landmark will be on their next phase, she shoves a knife in the table, unaware of the results. The man reports his news with a heavy heart.
"Reporting for duty ma'am!"
"At ease soldier." The both sat down and began to talk.
"So, I assume that we lost a few of our troops from tonight's operation?"
"Actually we.. Lost a lot of good men today." He said with a dreadful tone. The woman moved closer from her seat and asks:
"How many?" The man said nothing as he looked down at out shame. The woman looked above the tent as she expressed her grief. It was something that she never expect. She closed her eyes and gave a brief moment of silence then she turns her attention back to him.
"I WAS expecting a few... but damn! Is there anyone captured?"
"T-there is one ma'am.." With that news, a glimmer of hope envelopes her making her stood up from her seat and as she puts on her coat she told the squad leader:
"I want you to gather five people RIGHT. NOW." The man stood up and quickly rushed outside the tent. Once her forces were gathered outside the camp, a composition of two goblins, an orc, a female cyclops, and another human were given their oncoming task.
"Listen up maggots! Your'e gathered here tonight with difficult mission!" She walks at each and every one of them as she talks.
"Earlier tonight, reports say that we had A LOT of casualties and along it-one of our own was captured! What YOU'RE going to do, is RESCUE that fellow!" The squad leader went forward and told them the rest.
"We won't be using our regular extenders on this mission. Based on the situation, we're gonna have to use our newly delivered package to turn the tide to our favor!" Then the woman continued:
"You have plenty of time to tinker with out toys! We'll leave at morning to catch up with them! Any questions? Dismissed!" Most within the five smiled when she said they can customize their extenders which made them rush inside the storage cargo, as fast as they could. The woman went to her subordinate and whispered:
"Go get some rest soldier. I'll have the other's prep you a new suit." And they went back to their assigned tents for tomorrow's duty.

Meanwhile, At the train's stop over, Ein and the rest of the other group were in a middle of interrogation. With their prisoner tied from the feet down, Ein tries to make the man talk through hospitality to make their captive feel a sense of guilt in which it failed that results into upsetting Maria. Without giving a damn even if there's food, she swipes it off the table and begins to slap the man senseless while asking:
"WHO. SENT. YOU?!" After her flurry, the raider spits on her only to further her rage causing her to ram her head into his face, breaking his nose. The prisoner tilted backwards and head butts her back. Hurt, Maria grabbed him by the collar and shouts:
"So, are we talkin' or I BEAT YOU INTO LIKE A SANDBAG?!" Knowing that this won't get them any answers, Ein grabs her arm and tries to reason out with her.
"That's enough Maria! Beating him won't get us anything! We need a different approach.." She furiously turns her attention to Ein and rants:
"Acting like a good neighbor ain't workin' either! Got any bright ideas?" Jyakki interrupts the two, telling them:
"I know what'll make 'im talk!" As she kneels down in front of the prisoner, the raider told her:
"Do your worse! I still ain't snitchin'!" She leaned close to him and whispered to his ear:
"Really?~ I know what'll make you talk you dirty 'lil bum!" She pokes his nose with her finger and took her top off. The sheer size stunned the man, Patuc, and Ein while Maria and Jean squints over from sheer jealousy. Jyakki begins to rub her chest on his face, making him stiff on his chair. At first, the he rubs it off with his eyes closed but then he started having conflicting emotions whether he should follow his instinct or keep his honor in tact. Patuc chuckled at the sight, resulting him from getting a slap in the face by his husband.
"The hell are you giggling at?!" Jean said.
"WOMAN, COVER THOSE... THINGS! THIS AIN'T A TRAMP HOUSE!" But Ein interrupts pointing his finger at their prisoner's face.
"Wait! Look at him! He looks like he's a step away from talking! Just give her some time!" But Maria pinches him by the ear and angrily replies:
"And you think I'd fall for that?! You just wanna see her keep going!" Still thinking that it's not enough, Jyakki stepped it up a notch by smothering him with her bosom up close to his face.
"WHOA!" Ein yelled as his hat jumps from his head.
"OKAY! STOP IT JYAKKI! YOUR EXCITING THE GUYS HERE! NOT MAKING HIM TALK!" Jean said as he headlocks Patuc out of a jealous fit. The troll taps out to his spouse's shoulders for mercy.
"Just a little bit more fellas! He's almost gon' talk!" She heard a muffling sound from the man so she took off her bosom to give him some space to breathe. His face was all red but he still refused to talk.
"I.... Still.... WONT..." but before he can finish, Jyakki took another step further by sitting on top of his lap while talking to him with a seductive tone.
"Still ain't talkin' sugar~? I bet your horn down there's as stiff is my horn up here! So why not be a good boy and-" As his face begins to give in out of sheer bliss, the wooden chair gave up due to the Oni's weight. As both fell, her bottom was too heavy it crushed the man's legs, making him yell in pain.
"Ooooh! That must've hurt man!" Patuc said as Jean let's go of his grip. The prioner yelled in pain and shouts:
"GET OFF ME YOU HUGE B*TCH!" Turning on Jyakki's temper switch, grabbing the man by the collar. As she was about to punch his head clean off, Ein rushes at her and said:
"HEY! HEY! JYAKKI DON'T KILL HIM!" She turned to him with tears in her eyes and gave him her reason:
"I know, I know! Your'e heavy! Your'e an Oni, and that's normal. Now put him down slowly and cover yourself." As she covers herself, Maria said:
"Ugh!... Is there anything that can make this guy talk? I'm tired as f#$% here!" The three pondered and pondered hard. Ein was the first person to give up.
"If you guys are thinking about physical torture, count me out!" he said. What Ein said gave the couple an Idea that's so absurd, it might just work.
"Enie, you just gave us a WONDERFUL idea!" Jean said.
"Aaand what will that be?" he replied but gave them no answer.The couple escorted the three out to the room. Patuc said:
"Trust us on this man!" Still wondering, Maria asks:
"Okaaay. I still don't know WHY are you making us wait?" Then Jean shouts:
"BECAUSE WE NEED SOME SPACE!" Patuc looked back and shouted:
"Just hold on dear!" Then he turns back to the three and continues:
"Because this method's guaranteed to make them talk! Well, most of the time!"
"That sound's unreliable!" Jyakki said.
Patuc closed and locks the door. They leaned to the door and tried to listen for what's happening inside.
"So your'e not talking huh?" Jean said.
"Should we do this dear?" Patuc said.
"I still won't talk even if you both gang up on me! DO YOUR WORST!" Their prisoner said. Suddenly, they hear a loud party music and things went unexpected as it goes on as they listened.
"H-hey! What the! Oh god... OH NO! OH GOD NO! THIS IS SO WRONG! WHAT THE F!@#?! STOP IT! WHY?! DON'T YOU TWO COME NEAR-AAAAAAAAARGGGH! I'LL TALK... I'LL TALK! JUST... JUST STOP! PLEASE I'M BEGGI- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" After that, the music stopped playing and all they can hear are murmurs and whispers. After that, they can hear the couple ran closer to the door the three of them stepped back and  as they opened, they were shocked at what they saw. Coming out, they most of their clothes were gone and were sweaty, wearing nothing but a black and white thong. The three of them asked with various looks of surprises on their face.
"Soooo... Uh, where are your clothes?"
"THE F@@# HAPPENED THERE?!" Maria asked. Then Patuc replied:
"Never mind THAT! We got news to tell you! WE NEE-" But before he can start giving out info, Jean stopped him and said:
"Dear, we should do what they said first.."
Inside the hangar, they took a look at the unit they acquired from their rumble earlier. With everyone gathered, Patuc begins to examine everything from the extender itself to it's weapons and when he's done, he called the rest and showed them something on the extender's frame.
"Okay, first off, most of the supplies where stolen for two consecutive times, yes?"
"Yeah, and your point?" Maria said.
"Look right here..." As he points his fingers, they saw a familiar symbol.
" 'Tarnation! Humaine Militaire League?!" Jyakki said.
"So they're backing them up?" Maria asked.
"And not just that! Look at the upper right corner on the sticker's edge!" Patuc rips the sticker away revealing what's underneath it. With their faces shocked, Ein said to Patuc:
"I think we're on to something big here..." Ein said.
"Right! We gotta contact Mr. Oberon know about this! And fast!" Suddenly, Jyakki yawned and said:
"Can we just do this thing t'morrow? I'm gettin' sleepy in here!..." Then Jean angrily yelled at her.
"Aw gimme a break there monkey man! All this hustlin' in one night's makin' me sleepy!" Maria raises her hand and says:
"Y-yeah... Come to think of it, I feel sleepy too. Can we just call Richie rich tomorrow before this train leaves?" Patuc covered his face with his palm and joins the  majority.
"You're right gal.. Okay everybody, bed time!" As everyone leaves the hangar, Ein hears a tapping noise coming from the extender's speaker phone. He looks back but eventually leaves it be, thinking that it's just static. The sound continues as he locks the hangar's door.
Little Revised Story part 3
Minor grammar tweaks
Edited and Finished chapter 9
Chapter 4
Ein was surrounded by jhonians and a handful of other races enjoying a certain festival. He looked from left to right, looking for someone. He asked one of the villagers.
"Excuse me have you seen her?" The villager just gave him a dead face and pointed his finger at him. The surrounding just changed from joyful to morbid. Once surrounded by trees, houses, and decoration replaced by flames and burning bodies. He ran and looked for survivors and found someone. A red jhonian, pregnant and about to give birth. Soldiers ascended from their ships and marched slowly with their guns pointed towards them. His first instinct was to go carry her and run. But from the moment he touched her, he saw his hands stained in blood.
"No way! This can't be!" Then a shadowy figure of an extender suit with a pair of arms reached out to him and quickly changed it's image from that of a demon and forth. With eyes glowing in color yellow. And as it grabs him by the neck, he hears voices chanting to him.
"You killed her! You killed her!" Soon the noise overlaps and screams.
"NOOOOOOO!" It was all but a nightmare giving him a sleeplessness. He woke up from the whole thing all sweaty. Lisa woke up next to him, shocked at what just happened.
"Honey! What happened?! You having a nightmare?" After scratching her eyes, she gained vision on how stressed he was. She hasn't seen him like this since the last time they slept. She touched his face and asked:
"Honey are you okay?" To her surprise, Ein embraced her like a child to his mother. Lisa pats him on the back as she comforts him.
"It's ok honey. It's just a dream. Now let's go back to sleep."
"S-Sorry honey..."
"Come on... We got things to do tomorrow. tsk!" They lay back to bed and kissed him in the lips hoping that could help him get another round of sleeping soundly. As they went back, she wraps him with her tail like a blanket.
Later afternoon,  They went out to the nearest cafe to meet up with someone. As they stop by the entrance, Lisa stated their plans for today.
"Aaand here we are. You'll meet him inside there." Lisa said.
"He does loves being in a coffee shop. I guess I'll call you when this is over then?"
"Even if you did, finding a place where we can buy this woman-child some clothes here would be one heck of a tedius process!" She explained but was mocked by Maria.
" 'Oooh we're gonna give you one huge makeovveeerrrrrr!' Might as well as buy her some make up while your'e at it, princess!" The lamia doesn't take this lightly while Aggryxia's attention's much focused on sight seeing. Even waiving at random strangers.
"Okay?... Got any bright ideas then? Hmmm?" With her arms crossed, the were-sheep states her suggestion.
"I think it's much better if we get her enrolled on a learning center first!"
"Well, I think touring her around will be an EXCELLENT way to learn before getting an education!"
"And why is that?" Maria asked.
"Because most lessons are best learn in the field than inside a classroom!" As proudly as she could which made Maria give her a confused look.
"For someone who does nothing but nerd work, your'e the one to talk..." She said while her arms are crossed. Ein interrupted.
"I actually agree with her. Here's what, go shop for some clothes then go to the nearest learning center and see if we can get her some books to read!" He wasn't clear on who's side he's on which made the ladies ask him.
"So who're you agreeing with hon?"
"Please tell me your'e actually agreeing with me man!" Dodging the question, Ein went to Aggryxia and asked if she liked what she sees around.
"How do you like it so far Aggry?"
"Very much big bro! There's no many that I wanted to try out today!" Putting both hands in her shoulders, Ein continued.
"Guess what, we were just talking about buying you books!" This made Maria snark at Lisa.
"I toldya so!" Much to her dislike, She had no choice but to concede.
"Fine! At least we should go buy some clothing for her. They having a sale until today..."
"W-well at least I'm buying you both some clothes!"
"So NOW your'e buying me clothes?! Makeup your mind girl!" Ein and Aggryxia laughed gently as they argued. He then told Aggryxia something important before going inside.
"Now remember, always stick with your two big sisters okay? Always hold their hands and when you need something, just ask them okay?" Aggryxia nods her head and then he kissed her in the forehead.
"Have fun okay?" He looked back at the ladies who are still at it and asked them.
"Are you both gonna sit here and argue all day?"
"He's r-right... Let's go do what he says and forget all the "BAD" stuff that's happened today shall we?" She said while emphasizing something to Maria.
"Yeah sure thing! Whatever." Aggryxia went and held both Aggryxia and Maria's hand and joyfully said:
"ALRIGHTY! LET'S GO~!" The air changed from hostile to happy. Before they left, Ein watched just how happy his adopted sister's doing during her first day in the city. As went far, Ein looked at the the entrance first and went inside the cafe. The bell rang as he entered the door giving someone who's expecting him a call and a wave from a table a far.
"Ein! Over here!" Eyes glimmered as he saw an old friend and walked to him as soon as he sees him.
"Ralph! My goodness!" Ein shook his hand happily.
"My god, look at you! You look like you haven't aged at all!" Ein humored him in response.
"I could say the same about you old friend!" They both took a seat and was approached by what appears to be the same race as Aggryxia but had yellow colored skin.
"May I take your order gentlemen?"
"I'll take black please?" Ralph said.
"Do you have any green tea latte?"
"Yes we do."
"I'll take one please." The waitress left and they started their conversation.
"Haha... I can't believe that you made it out alive!"
"Well, I got some help. Thanks for helping me out at the ship inspection. That REALLY saved my hide!"
"Eh, I treated the guy in-charge with some drinks last night! Had a wild time at this tavern that's REALLY good!" The waitress came back and served the orders.
"One black coffee and one green tea latte. Enjoy your cups!"
"Thanks!" This made Ein curious.
"Excuse me but, from what tribe are you?"
"Oh?... W-well, this is quite unexpected but... my parents are from the talon tribe so.. I guess I'm one of them." She laughed nervously after answering his question only to be interrupted by Ralph with some news.
"The Union decided to take in the tribes just recently. They've been quite busy rescuing them from shady crooks."
"Y-yes, that's true. If it weren't from them, I wouldn't be here in the city working my way! Is there anything else I could help you with?" Ein smiled and said:
"Nah, we good. Thanks!" Ralph sipped his coffee and continued where they left.
"About that condition, I'm sure she must've said it to ya.."
"You want me to go get you some Oriphus alloy, right?"
"Uh huh. It's only a matter of time till this durable leg breaks but until then, I worry that I'll be back using a crutch!" Ein tipped his goggle and replied:
"I'm in! So where do I sign up?" But as the were tiger sips his coffee, he remembered one more vital info that he might have to go through out of watching his shoulder.
"What about your license? I know it's been years but have you ever thought of renewing it?" Ein almost fell from his sit and said:
"Aw, crap! Your'e right! It must've been expired right about-" As he looked for the license from his wallet, the date says expires at 'July 23,3050.' "
"Man, I hate forgetting these important things!" He vented while putting his wallet back in his pocket.
"They're taking their breaks at this time. Pretty sure it's a long ass line. Could take you an hour to get your turn."
"Great, now I have to keep you waiting eh old friend?" Ralph smirked while trying to make him feel less bad.
"Nah, It's 'kay. You've been away for too long! Right now the employees are on lunch break." Then sips his coffee after. Ein quickly raised his hand and called out the waitress.
" 'Xcuse me! Check and take out please?" Ralph closed his eyes and said to himself:
"You never changed!" Then takes another sip and basked in it's aroma. At the mall, Maria and Lisa were letting Aggryxia try on some new duds since she's wearing nothing but a white t-shirt and red shorts from the were-sheep. They showed her from left to right, but nothing catches her taste. Not even a pink dress with a long skirt's going to make her take it.
"For someone who wears nothing but rags, she's sure is picky!" Maria whispered to Lisa.
"Damn! Does this brat even HAVE any taste for fashion?!" As they continued, Aggryxia went to them and politely told them her disapproval.
"Excuse me big sis'es? I don't like this 'dress'! I can't move at all-" While walking towards them, she tripped on the floor due to the skirt being in calf length. For a normal girl, it's no problem but for her, she felt like her spacial comprehension from her legs is restricted.
"Uuughhh! Okay, perhaps we should look for someplace else.." Lisa groaned. Then her phone rang which she told Maria to watch over and pick something that's comfort oriented.
"Hello? So how'd it go honey? Uh huh? Yikes!.... Hmmhmm? Ok! Be careful out there!" She dropped the phone and slithered back to the two.
"Listen up gals! We have all the time today to buy Aggry some clothes!"
"Hey! What happen to stuff about her education and stuff?!"
"Like I said, THE. WHOLE. DAY. So relax! Until we get her something that's suitable for her, you'll have to wait patiently." While they talk, Aggryxia took a bra that's F-cup. Since curiosity hits, she puts it on her head and said:
"Sooo Soft! Is this a mask?" Suddenly, customers within the are they reside noticed that there's a scene goin on.
"Ok listen here you bastard! I KNOW that you groped me right in my ass while I was trying on some new glasses!" A female orc with short brown hair wearing punk clothing just clobbered a fat cyclops. She got him by the next threatening to beat him senseless again.
"I'M SORRY! I WON'T DO IT AGAIN! I SWEAR!" The orc yells at him again.
"YOU BETTER NOT! YA' PERV!" Lisa and Maria rushed towards Aggryxia trying to get her away safe from the ensuing event. But something about that woman made Aggryxia interested. So she quickly ran away from their grip and sight which caught them both off guard and tried to chase her since it could spell danger for the Jhonian.
"WHA- Hey! Aggryxia?!"
"YO! WHERE YOU GOIN?!" The orc throw the cyclops to the guards and apprehended the said offender.
"Get this disgusting oaf outta here!" As they dragged the cyclops away, the female orc felt like someone's touching her again but in the arm. Fresh from recent events the orc savagely turns around with her eyes burning in anger.
"HEY! I'M INNocen-" What she saw was something quite unexpected as it was Aggryxia who tried to borrow her attention.
"Excuse me miss! Nice clothes you got there!" Her eyes shined brightly as she looks at the orc from head to toe. This made the female orc felt at ease for a change.
"Aggryxia! I'm so sorry! Please don't beat us!" Lisa said while trying to retrieve her for protection. The female orc knew what's going on at one a single glance.
"So your'e trying to buy this girl some new duds right?"
"Uh yeah?" Maria replied. The orc kneels down in front of Aggryxia and asked her:
"You like this dress little girl?"
"No." She answered while swaying her head. She grinned and said:
"IN THAT CASE, YOU CAME TO THE RIGHT PERSON! I work at a shop at the 2nd floor! If these duds are what ya after, then I got yer answer!" This made Lisa squint her eyes and whispered:
"N-no way! She's into THOSE CLOTHES?!" The female orc points her finger at Lisa and shouted:
"HEY! IT'S NOT ABOUT THE IMAGE! IT'S THE FUNCTIONALITY!" Maria smiled at after what the orc said and replied:
"Preach sistah!" The orc shifts back to aggryxia and introduces herself.
"Name's Hildr! What's your's?"
"Aggryxia!" Hildr clapped her hand and said:
"So my fine lizard-y friend, are you ready to GET. DRESSED?!" Aggryxia enthusiastically answered back while taking her clothing off with only her underwear left which shocked the customers and embarrassed Maria and Lisa.
"WOAH! Put some clothes back girl! You don' wanna get stalked by them perverts! They're everywhere!.." The three covered the excited jhonian as she now finds her first love in clothing.
While walking outside, Ein made it to the nearest Extender license distributor. Without no time to spare, he quickly rushed to the entrance's stairs and opened the door when he bumped his face on a huge breast that's on par with his height. The ogre screamed and Ein immediately backed away only to fell down the stairs and was knocked out.
"MY GOODNESS! SOMEBODY HELP ME! A MAN JUST FELL!" Nearby people quickly rushed towards him and carried him inside and into the nearest pile of chairs. The ogre was so worried that her first instinct was look for his wallet then his cellphone. When she looked for his Identification, she noticed that his license was 4 years expired. She gave his phone to another person and asked:
"Can you please call someone from his phone?"
"No problem!..... This should do... Uh, hello? Do you know a person named Einhardt Bloom?" As the random concerned citizen continues to make contact from someone in his phone, the female ogre left Ein to be watched over by someone else and quickly went to the stalls while cutting her way of everyone in the line as politely as possibly can.

Chapter 5
Ein woke up in the lobby where Lisa sat beside him. Still dizzy, he tried to get up only to be assisted by her with her tail.
"Honey! Your'e awake! How do you feel?"
"I.... still fell.... diz..zy.... Whahappend?" She took a bottle of water and used her tail to drink it to him.
"A woman said you bumped into her at the entrance and feel down. It's a miracle that you sustained nothing from that!" Ein talked as soon as he finished.
"Aaaah! What was i here for again?.." Then he remembered within 4 seconds.
"RIGHT! THE LICENSE!" He looked at his surroundings and saw only the staff and the janitors prepping to close down for today. Ein felt sad that his attempt was all but bust.
"And I rushed as fast as I can...d'oh..." But Lisa delivered the good news.
"Not necessarily!" She took out what was lying beside her. A brown envelope and took out his renewed license and gave it to him. Ein felt happy that he accomplished more than 1 itinerary for today.
"SWEET! Thanks hon!" Much as she likes to lie and take all the credit, Lisa blushed and told him what happened while he was out cold.
"Yeah.. about that honey, The ogre girl that you just bumped with, she kind'a did all of that! We got a call from some of her work mates and we came by as soon as we can!" Ein looked away from her for a second, hiding his blushing face. Lisa was curious if he's still hurt.
"You okay hon?"
"I-I, UH....well, eherm.....Yeah."
"I really thank that she went the extra mile for you! She was kind'a blushing the whole day too." Sensing that this conversation can switch if not stopped, Ein quickly got up.
"Okay!... Let's go home hon! Oh boy, look at the time!" Lisa stood up after and they head out while thanking the closing employees. Outside the dark, they saw that Maria and Aggryxia, with new radical looking clothing, waived and called at them.
"HEY! How's the bump Einie?"
"Big bro! Big bro! Look! I got new clothes!"
"Woah! Where'd you get those? They look amazing!" Ein quickly whispered to Lisa's ears.
"Is this age appropriate?"
"She really loved those clothes! The others that we have her try on didn't go so well! Besides, she looked 10 years older for a toddler!" Maria interrupted the two.
"Hello? Aggry's waiting 'big bro'~!" Aggryxia followed up with a sad question.
"You don't like it big bro?" Ein quickly reassures her.
"No! You looked AMAZING! Come here you!" He embraced her and gave her a ride on top of his shoulders. Aggryxia played around a little bit while Lisa tries to make sure she's not falling, causing another accident for 1 day.
"A-aggry dear! Be careful, he just woke up from a fall!"
"Okay big sis!" Maria leads the group to the parking lot.
"This way ladies and a dude!" On their way, Lisa also told him another news about their bargain with Ralph.
"Before we forget, I just called Ralph while you sleep."
"Really? What did he said?" Putting her hand on her forehead, Lisa told the rest.
"Well, When I told him that your license was renewed, he immediately made contact with the agency. He said you'll deploy in 3 days."
"Did he knew about what happened to me?"
"He gave zero cares..."
"Well, that's a downer." As they talk, aggryxia the truck and said:
"We're near the truck Big bro!" As they reached, Ein kneels down and aggryxia got off safely.
"Wow! What a day!" Maria stretched as she said. Before they got inside, Ein remembered about either inquiring about Aggryxia's schooling or buying her books. But her answer is the opposite of what he's after.
"No luck doe. Not until she's got a birth certificate, Aggry's not gonna get any catch up programs!" Scratching his head he let's it go and said:
"That's disappointing. Should've thought of that. Sorry girls." Lisa puts her hand in his shoulder and comforts him.
"Take it one step at a time honey!"  They all went inside and drove their way back home. While inside the truck, Lisa and EIn discussed the next step of their plans.
"So how much money do you have left honey?" He asked. As she continues to calculate the over-all expenses, Lisa's eyebrows meet followed with a frown. Replied with frustration.
"Ugh!... I don't think we'd make it through the month!" Somehow sensing that their arrival not only costed them time and space occupation, but also money, Ein made it his business to apologize to her even but even that won't fully take away the sheer stress that she felt on having 2 more people in her household. But atleast he tried. Then Lisa blamed herself for even stating the idea of buying her what she wants instead of focusing on the needs.
"Sorry honey. I should've given you time to prepare for our arrival. I'll work really hard once I finished my business with Ralph!"
"Nah don't be! I'm at fault here. I got tempted to buy some clothing for the new girl, well mostly it was my excuse for me to buy some new clothes on sale for myself, but I ended up spending more from her duds that she took a liking with!" Ein puts his arm on her back and asked:
"Really? How much?" Lisa showed him the tablet and the receipt and was shocked at the amount listed. Ein kept comforting the lamia.
"We'll get through it!" Then he thought of an outrageous plan to help them out on their current situation.
"How about we sell some of the armor and parts? Heck, why not even sell the ship we just used for scrap money?" The idea made Lisa disagree out of not wanting him to sell what little he had left.
"But honey! Those are your things! I planned on repairing them once we saved enough!" This doesn't stop his desperation to help out. It only strengthens what resolve he has.
"But if we don't sell anything, how are you going to survive for the month until the next contract?" Seeing no other option while reluctant out of sentimental value, Lisa nodded her head and answered:
"Alright. I'll see what I can do. Are you okay with this?" Ein smiled at her with a face of relief and replied:
"Yes honey! I'm fine with it 100%"
At the living room while watching TV, Ein borrowed an audience with Maria.
"Mind, If I sit beside you?"
"Sure!" Ein thinks how to start their conversation but he went with it regardless.
"Listen, I'd like to borrow some parts from your Extender. Please?" Maria looked at him and expected him to continue in which he did.
"Lisa told me about what we have left. I was wondering if-" Before he could continue, Maria gave him a quick answer.
"No problem~!" His eyes widened and said:
"Wow. That was fast." Then she humored him.
"And easy?"
"I won't lie.. Yeah." He said honestly. Maria picked the remote and turned off the T.V.
"Just pay it back when you have the money 'kay? I know most dealers are big cheap skates when 2nd hand goods are involved.." She stretched for a bit and continued talking.
"Besides, I could use a vacation for a change!" She stood up from the couch and told him to come with her to their garage downstairs. As they went down, she showed her inventory.
"This here's a pair of rapid firing Baphomet hand gun. Capable of holding and shooting 9000 micro bullets contained in this magazine. Shoots 50 bullets per spray that explode on impact. Good for going in guns blazing....Juuust don't shoot it in point blank range. Once tried that and almost died from it!"
"Okay?..." Then she showed him her next weapons where she carries 3 of the same.
"Next, I have these 3 lever-action Bozo rifles. Capable of shooting 3 piercing rounds that can really dig in to even the toughest surface. Great for hunting down beasts! And last but not the least-" She showed him her last and most priced arsenal.
"-My trusty Klondike long barreled particle hand gun. When you really wanna go and say F@#$ you to your enemies!" Ein moved his face closer and when he tries to touch it with his fingers, she moves it away from him and warned him.
"But theres a catch! You can only use it DESPERATE times! Aaaand the fact that it takes 45 seconds to recharge." Maria cradled the weapon like a baby, giving him a bad impression about the were-sheep. What she said as she does only makes it more creepy.
"Now now baby! Bedtime not over! Killing time soooonnn~!" Not wanting to see her in a trance, Ein asked her if there's any more she can show her to keep her head back in the game.
"I-Is... there any other weapons that you would like to show me?"
"OH! Right!" She gently puts down her prized possession and shows him lots and lots of different firearms that she considered as outdated. Some of them are still usable while others are dismantled. Maira looked for the ones that's still functional and gave him another round. Ein scratched the surface of what kind of person she is.
"I see that you really love guns!" Maria looked at him dead in the eye and replied:
"And you have a problem with that?"
"Nope!" But just as he took his sights away from her, He saw a pair of chisel knives as long as his fore-arm from the handle to the blade's tip. As he picks it up and unsheathes it, Maria explained to him how she uses it.
"I only use those when I'm cutting wood and meat. Not a good idea if you wanna go close, especially if your'e off from your extender since it's quite heavy." Ein looks at the knife's reflection and tosses it into the wall with ease. Maria's jaws dropped in amazement and said:
"WOAH! That thing had quite a weight and you tossed it like a dart!"
"It's just the flick of the wrist!" Ein went to the wall to take back the knife while carrying it's sheath.
"I take it that you like being upclose and personal?"
"I learned from the best! Although by her standard, it's still needs more practice." Took a few fast swings and then puts it back in it's sheath. He went to maria and asked her:
"Mind of I take these?"
"Just a pair of knives? No guns?"
"Well, I might wanna go with a regular hand gun!"
"Can't blame you." Maria took some spare parts and started working on what caters his needs. In such a short amount of time she was able to make him one.
"Here! One regular hand gun for a light packer!" She reached the item out to him with a smile. Ein took the gun and thanked her. Just as they were to continue, they heard a knock at the door upstairs and when they went and opened just to see Aggryxia in maria's pajamas. Scratching her eyes and still exhausted, his little sister asked:
"Big bro? Can I sleep with you? Big sis said I can if I asked you..." and yawned. Maria told Ein to call it a night.
"It's getting late. You should probably get some sleep."
"Thanks Mar. I promise I'd pay you back." Ein held Aggryxia's hand but before they get further up, Maria asked him what'll he be working on after 3 days.
"By the way, I forgot whatcha doin after 3 days. What was it again?"
"I'm going to fish an Oriphus. Ralph said he wants me to do it alone." Maria was shocked.
"What? Alone?"
"Yeah. Anyway I have to go up. Say goodnight Aggry." They both went upstairs as Aggryxia waived at her.
Next day, Lisa and Einhardt just finished Dismantling his extender's armors and parts from armor to shins and were just containing them in a box before the load it in the truck. Aggryxia went down stairs holding a tray of food. As she went down, her foot skipped a step and was about to fall and make a mess. But just as that's about to happen, Lisa, who's near the stairs, used her quick reflexes and crawled lightning fast catching Aggryxia and the food. Using her snake tail, she gently puts her down to safely as she breaks a sweat. Ein ran towards them and asked the ladies.
"Honey! Aggry! What happened?" Aggryxia was so amazed at Lisa's acrobatic skills and thanks her for the catch.
"That's... AMAZING! Thanks big sis!" She took her handkerchief and wiped herself dry as she said:
"Your'e welcome sweetie! Watch your step next time okay?" Ein smiled and joined in the conversation.
"Hell yeah honey! I do wonder if you could hunt though..." She laughed and replied to him.
"I'd stick with the tinkering. It's more like my thing!" Aggryxia puts the tray of food down to the nearest table and went to their working area. She saw Ein's extender which she didn't recognized since she always saw it covered in a cape as It's bound and hanged in chains limbless. Lisa and Ein had a little chat about her as they eat their food.
"Think she'd still recognize your suit?"
"I doubt. She always saw it covered ever since she was little." As Lisa took a bite, Aggryxia came to them and asked:
"Big bro? What's 'that' over there?" Ein puts his hand on her head and answered:
"That's khang khang! She's about to get new clothes just like you!" But she's very observant for her age and asks him another question.
"But where's his arms and feet? Is that hey she changes clothes?" Lisa was intrigued at her and answered her question instead of him.
"Aggryxia, unlike we people, she's a machine. Wer'e not just giving her new clothes, we're giving her new arms and feet!"
"Do we get to change our arms and feet big sis?" The lamia giggled and said:
"No silly! If you cut off your limbs just to have new ones, It'll hurt and you'll have a hard time adjusting to your new limbs. A machine is different though. If you put new parts in it, they work better than the last!" She still is confused however.
"I don't get it at all!"
"Aggry, why not go upstairs and take a bath? Tell Maria to help you ok?" Said Ein. The jhonian nods her head and went upstairs. With each step, Lisa said:
"Watch your step Aggry!" To which she replied:
"Okay big sis!" As she closed the door, Ein asked about the status of today's activity.
"How long until we get there at the market?"
"About 3 hours to get there."
"So it's gonna be a long day? I'm not sure if I can leave Aggry here with her. She's not used to being away from me for THAT long!"
"Can we even call a baby sitter for her? But then again her body's a huge contradiction..."
"That's because they grow up so fast and live long?" She groaned and replied:
"The 'live long' part's what I envy. Most people don't care about their physiology until most of them migrated..." Ein's left arm shakes a bit while holding a glass of water. Something that Lisa wasn't aware of. She continued talking.
"They used to be divided into 3 parts. I wonder what made them join together? Do you, honey?" Ein quickly answered.
"I dunno. I got chased away from the island. I was the only one who made it outta there."
"Right. What you told me back in the truck." Then a ring from her cellphone interrupts their conversation. She picked it from her pocket and talked to the one calling her.
"Hello? Lisa speaking! Uh huh? Okay! On our way." She turned the phone and told him their next step.
"The guy said he'll need us their at 4pm!" As he finished his food, Ein said:
"What about Aggry? I can't just leave her with Maria." Lisa scratched her head with irritation and said:
"Then, teach her about TEMPORARY. SEPARATION. Money's on the line here! We'll deal with her later!" Not liking how it sounds, Ein went upstairs to deal with the situation at hand and as he did, Aggryxia quickly rushed and tackled him into the ground. She was on top of him with her tail wagging and a happy anticipating face asking:
"Big bro! Big bro! Can I come with you!" Ein sees this as a problem and said to her that she won't.
"Sorry Aggry but this is something that me and your big sis Lisa have to attend to. We might be gone for 8 hours." But Aggryxia wouldn't just take that for an answer.
"But I wanna come with you!" Ein puts his hand on her face and told her something important.
"Remember the last time that you were with your big sisters Maria and Lisa?"
"Uh huh?"
"You were with them without me! I don't see the problem why wouldn't you like it when I'm going somewhere again today."
"But it was quick! Your'e going out with big sis for a long time!" Knowing that his adopted sister would try and have her way, Maria went to them and suggested an Idea that might work. She lent her cellphone to aggryxia and said:
"Okay, tap you finger on that icon." The young jhonian did and saw the screen change into gray. Maria told him to use his cellphone and open the same app that she's using and from there, Aggryxia saw Ein in the cellphone screen and was amazed with this new experience.
"Woah! I can see big bro from this screen too!" Ein got the gist and played along with Maria's plan.
"Oh and so much more Aggry! Now keep your eye on the screen!" As he went to the kitchen, Aggryxia can see wherever he goes on the cellphone's screen that she's hold.
"I can see you at the kitchen from here!"
"And there you go! You both can leave in peace while I take it from here!" Ein went back to her and said:
"See? Now even if I'm far away, you can always use this cellphone to check up on each other!"
"I dunno..." She answered doubtfully.
"Aggryxia, there comes a time that you need to get used to this. Once I get a job, I'll be away most of the time!" Reluctantly, she nodded her head. Ein gave her a kiss in the forehead and said:
"Now that's a good girl! I'll make sure I'll bring something back home okay?" Aggryxia smiled and happily answered back.
"Okay! But come back here quickly ok?"
"You'll be alright!" Einhardt went back downstairs to the garage. While she looked at the reflection of the screen, she noticed Maria putting a disc on the player. As it plays, Aggryxia has experienced yet another first in her life in one day. Watching a movie.
"Wanna watch with me little girl?"
"What's that?"
"Oh this? What we're doing- my fine lizardy friend- is watching a 'Movie'!" Her eyes sparkled as she marveled at the sight of the pictures and said:
"It's just like this thing!" Showing the cellphone that Ein lent her.
After making preparations, Ein and Lisa went to check on them and told them that they'll be gone for a while.
"Aggry, me and and your big bro are going somewhere far today ok?"
"Okay! Don't take too long big bro and big sis..." She said with a sad face.
"Remember Aggryxia, you can use your phone to check up on me and big sis whenever you feel like it!"
"Oh yeah! That sellpone!" Maria gave them told them that she had it covered from here.
"Don't worry you two love birds! I got ALL these stock piled DVD's to have her distracted. And also, you might wanna leave some money for me to order pizza for the two of us just in case we got TOO hooked up!" Lisa gave her the money and gave told her:
"THE cheapest pizza. Got it?"
"D'oh! Alright! If it's to make her stuffed too. But I swear, they always make BAD PIZZA!"
"Well, that's something you'll have to live it right now! Bye sweetie! Give big sis a hug!" Aggryxia embraced her then Ein said his.
"Now remember, call when you feel like we're taking too long okay?" Aggryxia happily nods her head and hugs him only tighter than with Lisa.
"Off we go! Enjoy the rest of the day ladies!"
"Bye big bro!"
"Don't forget to call us when your'e there!" And the two went to the truck and they head off to their destination.

Chapter 6
Abel city. The center of trade, commerce, and other sorts of things that kept the town alive and functioning. From customers, merchants, muscle for hire, cargos, extender suits, and much more can be seen flocking around for the daily grind. Aggryxia, who was riding at Ein's shoulders was amazed at all of the vivid imagery. Even to the point that she asks the names of each creatures that passed by pulling carriages.
"Ooh! Big bro what's that long necked furry animal over there?! The one with horns!"
"That right there's called a Alramma! It can be very aggressive at times if you bug them too much!" As he introduce many things to her, Maria whispered something to Lisa.
"Of all the things he could bring with him to eat, He only asks for a box of bavarian filled donuts?!"
"Hey, I'm as confused as you are! I mean, with all these sugar..." They reached the plaza where most bounty hunters gather for a quest, depart, and return. Walking towards the quest lady, they met up with Ralph who greeted Ein, Maria, and Lisa with open arms. He was even surprised that there was a jhonian girl riding on top of him. All that while limping in a cane.
"Fellas! Pleasure to see all of you! And is that?!" Ein introduced him to Aggryxia.
"Oh, this right here's my little sister Aggryxia! Aggryxia, this man here's an old friend of mine. His name is Ralph!" Ralph looked like he just saw a ghost as Aggryxia went down and extended her hand for a shake.
"Hi! Name's Aggryxia! Nice to meetcha mister Ralph!"
"Y-yeah!... Uh.. Hiya little girl!" Lisa and Maria never see him this distracted so they put the subject back in the tracks.
"Hey Ralph? Is the bus ready to pick him up?" Lisa said. Ralph shook his head silly and answered as quickly he cleared his mind.
"I-uh, yes! Bus is just taking its 5 minute break. You should git goin boy!" He taps Ein's shoulders after that. Ein quickly asked for the box of donuts to be handed to him. He kissed Lisa in the cheeks which she kissed back and Aggryxia to the forehead.
"Now be good Aggry! Remember last time ok?"
"Yes big bro!" Then he turns back to Lisa.
"Honey, take care of her while I' gone ok?"
"Okay. Comeback her in one piece! I don't care if your suit's busted!" Then Maria shouts:
"HOW COME 'I' GET YELLED AT WHEN MY EXTENDER'S BROKEN?!" Lisa just flats out ignores her.
Ein went to Maria just to say thanks but before he could say a word, Maria jokes at him.
"Woah! Slow down! I ain't kissin' ya!" This catches him off guard and continues.
"Nah, I kidd'! You can kiss me at the neck if you want~!" Aggryxia just stared at them, innocent from it all but for Lisa, she felt threatened to the point that she rattling her tail. Ralph cuts the conversation before it get's out of hand.
"Okay Lover boy! Time to go!" Ein runs to the departure area as he turns back, waives and shouts:
"Time to bring home the bacon! Take care!" As they waived, Maria whispered to Ralph:
"Seriously though, donuts as rations? Sounds unhealthy to me!" Ralph replied:
"You'd be surprised that wasn't the case!" Ein reached the boarding station and as he went inside the bus, he was greeted by a dwarf who'll take him there. He greeted and asks:
"Good day sir! Were's the rest of your party members?" To which Ein replied:
"Nah, Just me!" The dwarf was shocked.
"Yep!" He answered while nodding his head.
"We're talking about an Oriphus here! It's an expert level four man quest! Even the best of the best can't take THAT thing down! It's delusional if your'e goin' out there alone!" But Ein was so sure about his skills.
"Get ready to get your mind blown!" As he fastened his seatbelt the dwarf skeptically stares at him, refusing to turn on the engines. As Ein was ready, he looked at the dwarf and asks:
"So... we goin' or not?"
" 'Ya sure about this kid? You can still change your mind ya'know?"
"Nah, let's go!" The dwarf turned back to his wind sheild  and turned his keys.
"Off we go to Olive desert! Please enjoy your ride!... while it lasts." And heads off. Meanwhile, the 3 ladies along with Ralph were on their way to a diner he recommends. Maria asked Ralph:
"Why the generous treat today Ralph? You sick or sumthin'?" Then Lisa followed with skepticism.
"You DID treated me back at the tavern. What happened Ralph? Are you dying or something? Ralph replied:
"Ladies! Ladies! Just enjoy what the day! There's no strings attached here!" Then Aggryixa asked her question to the were-tiger.
"Mr. Ralph? Is it true that you're friends with big bro?" The way how she looks at him gives him a slight cold shiver on his spine. He replied:
"Y-yes! As a matter of fact- he saved me!" The answer shocked both Maria and Lisa who they've known him for quite some time.
"Get out! How come honey never mentions this?!"
"Hey, don't look at me! Maybe he was 'busy' with other things! I was expectin' that you already knew since you two are close!"
"Big bro saved you?" Before he can tell the rest of his story, they arrived at the diner and went inside the entrance. It was busy inside, almost cramped for everyone to walk in. They manage to get a table for four and made their orders. After that, they watched the news that was hanging on top of them and shows what appears to be a debate between 2 races. Aggryxia covered her ears because of the excessant yelling of a female girtablilu claiming that their people have been oppressed by the arachnes from societal to financial.
"This has always been the issue with that place! Poor guys..."  Maria said.
"With the league involved, internal conflict just got hotter." Lisa said.
"It's going to be a tug of war! Oh! And before I forget I received a rough estimate of how much hired guns just got killed while they try to reclaim their plantations back..." Maria and Lisa were shocked at the numbers displayed on his cellphone.
"Uh oh... That ain't good! I smell a draft coming.." Then Ralph gives them the the rest of the news.
"And that's just our folks! Here, is how much we've lost our troops." The news just got much grim forcing Lisa brainstorm on ways to counter the inevitable.
"Once they force us in, It'll be bad for business... We gotta tell honey about this once he comes back!"
" I agree. I ain't getting paid sh^t for scrubbing toilets and dying!" Then Lisa just remembered their current standing.
"Ugh, right! Your extender! He borrowed most of your parts!" As the two kept on discussing about their gameplan, Ralph saw Aggryxia still covering her ears. The argument combined with Maria and Lisa's discussion only makes her feel uncomfortable until Ralph raised his hand to the waiter with the remote and asked a favor.
"HEY WAITER! CAN YOU CHANGE THE CHANNEL PLEASE? I GOT A 6 YEAR OLD HERE! PLEASE?" The waiter complied and changed the channel which caught the attention of some customers where they saw a cartoon especially the kids inside the diner which  works to Ralph's advantage just to make Aggryxia comfortable.
"IT'S CAPTAIN MAOH!" yelled one of the kids with excitement! As the theme song is played, Aggryxia slowly opens her eyes and saw that the T.V. no longer shows 2 arguing people. Taking her fingers off her ears, she begins to watch curiously as to why some other kids are excited about what they see.
"Big sis? What's that?" She asked Lisa while they're busy talking. Lisa took notice and answered:
"Oh! That's captain Maoh!" As Aggryxia's mood changes, Ralph said to himself:
"Ein,  remember the last time your got drafted? I think it might happen again! And sooner!"
At the dessert Ein was boarding inside a truck as they look for the target' whereabouts. As they follow the tracks, the kobold driver asks:
"So what made you take this alone sonny?! You high or something?!" Ein answered while tipping his goggles:
"Something like that!" suddenly, they felt a rumble that was weak at first. But as they went further, the intensity increase which both felt. As it get's much stronger, Ein suddenly took the stirring wheel, turns it frantically, and screams:
"MOOOOOVE!" The sand below exploded as they maneuvered away, almost got hit. The kobold quickly used his hand breaks and they both looked at the window. The kobold expressed his fear.
"HOLY SH%T!" Slowly rising beneath the sands, a huge, black colored, armored like snake with two huge red tusks protruding upwards stood dominantly. It's shadow covers the truck that Ein was in.
"Mr. kobold, now will be a good time to drive!" The kobold's still struck by fear forcing Ein to yell at him.
"DRIIIIIVE!" As he snaps out, he quickly hit's the pedal and shifts to high gear ensuing a chase. While looking at the side mirror, Ein quickly stood up from his seat and went at the back of the truck. The kobold was nervous and yelled:
"IF ONLY THERE WERE 3 MORE PEOPLE!" He slams the red button, making the hatch open. Inside it, Ein was in position and said:
"EINHARDT, LAMBDA, OUT!" then he was catapulted out of the truck and lands on the desert sand. As the Oriphus stops, Ein's suit extends it's weapon compartment, almost like an arm together with it's giant and lengthy buthcer knife while assuming battle stance. The Oriphus roars loudly but this doesn't make him move even for a bit. He uses his radio communications from his head set that he's wearing and asks the kobold driver:
"Wait for my signal! Then pass me my donuts!"
"Just DO WHAT I SAY!" The Oriphus lunges it's massive body towards him.
"Alright Moby Dick! LET'S RUMBLE!" Then charges towards the seemingly unstopabble force that's stands 7 meters in height and 16 meters long. As he moves forward, he predicted where the creature will land and quickly jumps away from getting crushed. As it quickly recovered, the creature dashes towards him with it's mouth open only for him not just dodge again but also cuts it's right side from it's jaw to it's torso area, injuring the Oriphus which makes it even angrier. The kobold saw this and said:
"Lucky shot kid!" As it stopped, the serpent tilts it's head backwards and spits acid projectiles. Ein also dodges it but the last one barely hits the right side of his extender's hip. Next, the Oriphus burrows beneath the sand and encircles him, forming a vortex with Ein's in the middle. Slowly, he felt that he's sinking slowly beneath the sands so he decided to kick his pedal into maximum and accelerates at the opposite direction of it's rotation to slowly get himself out of it. The Oriphus jumps out from below him and hits him only for him to block the attack using his huge knife which sends him airborne and as it dove back to the sand, he was hit again with it's tail which sends him flying and landed away from it's vortex. The kobold jumped off from his seat and shouted:
"I TOLD YOU TAKING THAT THING ALONE IS STUPID!" Struggling to stand up, Ein shook his head and dusts off some sand in his clothes. As the Oriphus' shadow covers him, he quickly turned around and saw it's jaws wide open and does another projectile attack but instead of spraying consecutively, it fired once with it's size as big as a boulder. Ein knew that this attack is dangerous and quickly jumps away from it because even though it missed him, whatever comes in contact blow up after 3 seconds. Ein was blown away while the kobold ducked and cover under the driver's seat. Sand dust was all over over the place and as it barely settled in order for the human eye to gain vision, Ein was hit with it's tail knocking him into the air and landed 1 meter away from the truck. The kobold opened his window and saw what happened to him. His extender has scratches, dents, and burn marks. The wheels on his feet were damaged, preventing him from rolling. Ein shook his head and said:
"Man that smarts!" He struggled to get up and saw the Oriphus lunge at him again but this time with the intent of swallowing him whole- Extender and all. He quickly threw his giant knife like a javelin which pierced inside it's mouth. The creature  swayed from writhed in pain from left to right which gave him plenty of time to rush forward through the truck. He pressed his communication device only to hear nothing but static so instead, he yelled as loud as he can to the truck driver while using arm gestures.
"THE DONUTS! HU-GAAHARGH!" But the beast recovered and constricts him with it's tail. The kobold was still about being told to pass him the box of donuts. But seeing that he needs it and as a death wish before he's devoured, he decided to go grab it and yelled at him as he throws him the item while Ein is still in his range.
"CATCH KID!" Ein caught it with his manipulator, slightly squeezing the box and passes it to his hands. The beast and Ein had a close-up look with each other. Blood drips out from it's mouth thanks to the giant knife. The beast roars at him and saw inside of it's mouth where the giant knife is, piercing right deep in it's esophagus with plenty of blood coming out. All while being blown by it's breath and sprayed by it's saliva.
"Ugh! Sorry but her's is MUCH better!" He said as he expressed extreme disgust.
"Okay! Hope you like donuts! 'CAUSE THIS ONE'S BAVARIAN FILLED!" The monster opened it's mouth wide as he's about to be swallowed. He threw his box and used his extender's left arm manipulator bending further downward revealing a grenade launcher. He fires the weapon and as the bullet hits the box it explodes right in front of him. Instead of having fiery explosion, it was highly pressurized water. As it's grip loses, the beast and falls into the sand and Ein landed on bended knee while soggy from it's saliva. The Kobold's jaw drops as he saw that he actually managed to take down the Oriphus alone. He went off the truck and rushed towards him and asks then congratulates:
"That was amazing! H-how the hell did you pulled that off?!" Ein turned his head on him and answered his question:
"Most of it's ingredients are highly poisonous for the creature! That's why I bought it with me!"
"Get outta here!"
"No joke! And by the way, just those 4 ingredients! Anything else won't do!" They both went and checked to see if it's dead. The kobold puts his hand against it's body and said:
"And to think they can kill him with them 'sweets... D'HOLY SHt!" Suddenly it moved and moaned for a bit which made him fall on his butt. Ein checked around and saw that there's foam came out from it's mouth. Ein poked the carcass with a knife 4 times and after that, he declared:
"Yep! It's dead! For real! You can call the clean up crew!" They had shared a short laugh together. After that, the kobold complied:
"Y-yeah! On it!" The kobold rushed to the truck and turned on his transmitter, contacting the client.
At the diner, They were having a great time with Aggryxia feeling very happy after what she just watched.
"I'm glad you liked it!" Said Lisa.
"He's like big bro! Strong and smart!" stating her reason.
"Y-yeah! Something like that!"
"Ralph, Do you REALLY think that he can take that thing alone?" Maria asked to which he replied after drinking a glass of bourbon.
"Nah, I'm POSITIVELY sure that HE'S go-" Then his phone rang and quickly took it from his pocket.
"YELLOW! Uh huh! Ahaha! Thanks a lot man! Bye!" He announced the good news in the table:
"Clean up crew called! Ein got the beast down!" The news made Maria and Lisa jump on their seats since his request requires 4 highly skilled individuals to manage the task.
"NO WAY!" Maria shouted with her jaws dropped.
"Wow! He really did it!" Then Aggryxia interrupts giving them some info of what he does back when she's small.
"Ofcourse he can! Big bro's good at hunting beasts whenever he goes out hunting all sorts of dangerous creatures back in the island we live in!" Suddenly, they heard loud noises outside the diner. Everyone's attention was shift into what's outside and everyone went to the window to take a peak.
"Oh my god! Someone call beast control!" Outside the window, they saw a Myrdon going berserk after one of it's owners yanked it so much that the beast could no longer take and went amok, separating itself from it's carriage and went on a rampage across the streets. With a height as tall as 6 feet and a length of 7 not to mention having massive horns, getting hit by one is like getting hit by a car running 40 miles per hour. Everyone near the window immediately made contact while bystanders tried to quell the beast. Even while boarding their extender suits, they are still no match. A minotaur riding an extender suit decides to solve this problem with a different approach by using firearms and others things that can possibly kill the Myrdine but the others warned him of what might happen if he does that.
"ARE YOU INSANE?!" A nekomata said.
"OH YES I AM!" He replied. Knowing that he was taken over by sheer pressure, an elf talks him out and warns him:
"IF YOU KILL THAT THING, WE'D BE THE ONE'S ANSWERING FOR THE DAMAGE! NOT THE OWNER!" Seeing the damage the beast has caused along with other people getting hurt, the minotaur refused to listen and aimed his firearms at the beast while it smashes any extender users foolish enough to restrain it. The elf jumps at him and continues to argue him back to his senses. Inside the diner, Everyone couldn't help but watch.
"What's taking them so long!" Lisa said nervously. Maria bites her thumb and expresses her inability to help.
"Dammit! I hate stupid laws at times like these!" Aggryxia was with Ralph where still at the window watching the whole thing go further. Ralph covered his face with his palm and whispered:
"Of all the times! Why d-" but before he could finish his thought, he heard something scratching on the surface and when he looked beside him it was with her nails making marks, appearing to be eager. This is something that he wasn't expecting from kids her age since they tend to get scared and cling on to their parents.
"Mr. Ralph! Can I go outside?!"
"Nuh uh! It's too dangerous!" But she continues to beg for for his permission something that Lisa and Maria where so surprised about and continued to convince her not to out of keeping her safe.
"But If it keeps up, more will get hurt!"
"ABSOLUTELY NOT LIL' TYKE!" One of the witnesses yelled as the Myrdon is about to hit the area on Aggryxia's left side.
"SH$T! RUN EVERYONE!" As they tried to escape, the beast smashed it's way into the walls, wrecking havoc then the beast control agency came with an extender suit equipped with weapons suitable for incapacitating or kill.
"BEAST CONTROL! WE'LL TAKE IT FROM HERE!" The beast continued it's rampage hitting unlucky victims left and right as it moves. Ralph watched in horror as things went from out of hand to way down south. Maria and Lisa had Aggryxia locked into their arms hoping that they could hide her from the chaos. While this was happening, the leader of the control agency took a quick glance and declared that they have to move inside to prevent friendly fire. They rushed quickly and managed to to help most of the scared customers and employees outside but all except the 4 and others. As one of them attempted to rescue Ralph's company, a cry can be heard on the other side as a woman carrying a baby boy with butterfly wings was seen cornered against the wall about to get rammed by the Myrdon.
"No! Please!... S-stay back!" The baby quickly picked whatever he can find on the floor and throws it at the beast to hopefully scare it away. But this only makes the beast even furious releasing smoke from it's nostrils. The squad member said:
"Sir! Run while you still can!"
"R-right!.. Come on ladies!" As the 4 were about to get out, He aimed his weapon at the beast, hurting it. This however made it even more furious and turned around with it's angry eyes, locking him into it's sights! The beast let's out a roar and begins to charge at him. But at a quick moment, Aggryxia wrestled her way against Lisa and Maria's hand and went to the opposite direction.
"Aggry-AGGRYXIA! NO!" Lisa yelled as she reached her arm out.
The squad member screamed and curled down from certain doom about to get ran over but just now, the beast receives a double kick in the face, and crashed into the tables. Aggryxia first went to the squad member and then the woman who's carrying a baby.
"RUN AWAY! HURRY!" They did and on their way outside, the baby looks at Aggryxia and tipped his glasses. While in a battle stance, Ralph and Maria were shocked at what they saw while Lisa crawled as fast as she could to get her.
"AGGRYXIA! WE GOTTA RUN! HURRY!" As they hold hands and before they can make a run for it, the beast recovers as it's rage reached it's peak and goes for another charge.
"LOOK OUT!" Aggryxia pushed Lisa aside and she jumps on top of the beast and pulls it's hair on it's had as hard as she could in hopes to stop it's momentum. As it skids for breaks outside, she ends up having a rodeo on the beast but soon she rips it's hair off causing her to lose her grip. She landed on the ground and saw the beast on top of her. Everyone was in shock that she's about to get killed. The squad members sorrounded them and begins shooting at the beast, saving Aggryxia's from certain doom. Lisa quickly recovers from being pushed by aggryxia to safety earlier and saw the what happened outside. She searched for Aggryxia in the distance and saw her crawling into the ground.
"Aggry! HOLD ON! I'M COMING!" The agency were surprised that despite bombarding the beast with many tranquilizers, the beast was still up and going though weakened. They decided to leave the restraining part to their extender. Pinning down the beast was still a problem.
"That's one tough Myrdon! How can it still be up?!" The one doing the restraining replied while struggling:
"I DUNNO! *grunts* JUST TAKE THI- AAARGH!" But despite the effort, the beast manages to knock her off using it's horns and lands on top of a parked car.
"AGGRYXIA! OVER HERE!" Gasping for air, Lisa held her hand and told her:
"Don't... *gasp* ever... Do that again!"
"But I have to stop it!" She dragged her away to safety as soon as the rest of the squad members reloaded their weapons and showered the beast with a second wave until the tranquilizers finally kicked in. Laying in the ground, the squad leader laid out their next task:
"Go help and tend the wounded! Asses damage level within the vicinity!"
"YES MA'AM!" As they scatter across the place, a group of ambulances and firetrucks came where they parked to where all the victims and their families are gathered getting individually checked for any signs of injuries and traumas. Maria and Ralph were standing next to Lisa and Aggryxia sitting inside the ambulance truck.
"No signs of major injuries.. only slight bruises... She's good to go!"
"Thank you sir!" Lisa said. The were sheep went to her and asked:
"You okay girl?"Then followed by Ralph.
"You both had us worried!" She took off her blanket and stood then she crawled and stood infront of Aggryxia to scold her.
"THAT! WAS NOT GOOD!" The little jhonian felt really bad about meddling in such a dangerous activity. Something that Maria and Ralph were not approving of such approach made by the lamia. Maria boldly went forward and tries to stop her.
"WOAH! Give the kid a break!" But Lisa stopped her by reaching out her palm and continues.
"You tried to run away from us even though we told you NOT to go near that thing! AND YOU ALMOST GOT US KILLED!" Knowing that this isn't true, Maria grits her teeth. Ralph puts his hand on her shoulders in order to stop Maria. Aggryxia looked at her with a sad face, about to tear up and Lisa finished her sentence saying:
"BUT MOST OF ALL!... I'm happy that you did good out there." She bends down at her and pats her in the head smiling. Not knowing if she's either mad or happy, She let's out a loud cry with tears pouring into her eyes. The lamia gave her one huge hug and rubs her back with her tail.
"Shhhh it's ok. I'm sorry if I yelled. I just wanted to keep you safe!" The were sheep dropped her jaws because she saw something that is completely off of Lisa. Dumbfounded, she turned at Ralph and said:
"Did ya- Did she- I-!" Ralph whispered to her ears.
"She's actually great with kids! I think she's ready. How about you?" She brushed his joke aside and replied:
"I-It's mostly because of what I said earlier! The b&tch can be crafty!.." Then a tail whips her in the head and cried:
"OW... WHAT THE F@#$ WAS THAT FOR?!" While Agryxia's still in her arms, she looked at hear dead in the eye and said:
"I heard what you said! And by the way, watch the language?"
"MY OLD MAN CAN'T EVEN HIT ME AND YOU ALWAYS DO THIS!" Ralph laughed at the moment knowing that they were all safe and sound. As they continued to have a fight, he heard someone from behind asking for his attention.
"Excuse me, are this young jhonian's guardian?" He turns around and saw the baby boy from earlier barely keeping himself afloat in mid air. Eyes widened and he said:
"Uh-Hey, you ok there?" Then the woman came to him and catches him back into her arms saying:
"Dear, stop forcing yourself. You might strain yourself!"
"I'm fine Cecil... Now where was I?" Ralph looked puzzled at first until he saw clearly. He answered his question.
"N-no sir, these two ladies ARE. Right this way please!" He directs the couple with polite gesture.
"-but I gotta say, you were the ONLY one who stood up to a Myrdon!" said Maria. Aggryxia, who was still in Lisa's arm answered her back.
"My parents and big bro trained me, remember?" Hearing their conversation, the baby boy joins the conversation saying:
"Yes, that IS rather impressive!" They turned their head and looked him being carried by a woman with Ralph standing behind them. Aggryxia quickly recognized the two.
"AH! IT'S THE BABY AND HIS MAMA!" The baby boy replied while turning his head.
"No No No... My visage may tell you that I may be small, I am in fact MUCH older than you, little one!" This has made her very interested at what she just laid her eyes on. She asked Lisa for permission.
"Big sis? Can I go near him please?"
"Alright! But not too close okay?" She got off and went near him and said:
"A talking baby!"
"I- uh... Yes, I'm a talking baby! And this here is my 'mama' Cecil!" She kneel down and reached her hand to her for a shake.
"Nice to meet!"
"And your name little lady?" With curiosity getting the best out of her due to her tail wagging, Maria and Lisa made a little bet.
"10 bolts if she get's close to him!"
"Nuh uh. 20 if she doesn't!" Then Aggryxia went close face to face with the talking baby making her guess right, winning the bet.
"Heck yeah! Ten bolts?" Lisa groaned as she reached onto her wallet. Aggryxia began to touch the talking baby, which is something that annoys him. Her wife just simply observed the whole thing from happening. This also gave Ralph a smile on his face. From cheeks to armpits, Aggry tickles him.
"Koochie Koochie koo!" The baby tries to hold it in turning his face red and as it get's even more red, he blasted out with a very load laugh until he angrily bursts at the young jhonian.
"-I SAID STOP! I AM NOT SOMEONE'S PLAY THING! I... AM A-" Only to be interrupted by his wife putting a pacifier in his mouth, calming him down and entering a state of trance while giving out gestures of a baby.
"Awww! That's so cute!" Then his wife said:
"I know right? I-uh...*eherm*!" She went right back to the matter at hand.
"Anyway, what we've been trying to say is-thanks. She really saved us back at the diner. Who knows what'll happen to us back there." Then Maria jokingly answered:
"Probably dead! Or injured.... But mostly dead!"
"Maria!" the lamia said but a given fact in which she replied:
"Rhetorical question... Cecil Oberon. Vice CEO of Oberon tech." She then removes the pacifier from her husband, breaking his trance.
"Ubah~! W-wha-? Oh- um yes, As I was saying-" She notifies him about what's currently taking place.
"Currently Introducing ourselves dear."
"Oh- uh, yes! My, wife Cecil, Vice CEO, and I am Richard! Richard Oberon. Company's CEO!" Noticing the change of mood, whispered to herself:
"Well, that was quick!"
"-and you are, little lady?"
" My name is Aggryxia Bloom! Nice to meetcha!" She reached out her hand to shake hands with him, delighting the couple.
"Oh my!.. What a well mannered child!" Then a familiar voice can be heard from the background.
"OH THANK GOODNESS! I'm back everyone!"
"HON!" The two girls greeted Ein by embracing them.
"Ugh! Thank goodness! Is everyone alright?"
"Well, are you seeing a ghost Ein?" Ralph said to which he answered:
"I'll take that as a yes.. And who are you two?" The couple stood up and reintroduced themselves.
"Richard Oberon, CEO of Oberon tech! This is my wife Cecil, Vice CEO of my company."
"Nice to meet you both! So what brings you both here?" Oberon took off and cleaned his glasses while talking:
"I take it that your'e THE male guardian of this girl here?"
"There was a ruckus earlier and she saved our lives! I take it that you trained her well?"
"Of course! That's great news!" He finished cleaning his glasses and puts it back on. He continues to talk to Ein.
"Is she currently attending school? If I may ask?"
"No sir. We just got here from... another country. We're not from around here!"
"Are you employed, freelancing, or self employed?
"Free lancing, sir!" Then he clapped his tiny hands and said:
"SPLENDID! Consider your needs taken cared of!" This made everyone except for Aggryxia have butterflies in their stomachs, jumping for joy.
"WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Lisa yelled.
"N-NO WAY~!" Maria yelled.
"T-THANK YOU SIR!" Ein said.
"It's the very least we can do after what she did. One of our company's manifestos: "If helped, pay it back or forward with all your heart!" is what we live by." Cecil said.
"Judging from her upbringings she has a potential to be a skilled free lancer! That is, if she wants to."
"Your'e too kind Mr. Oberon!" Richard picked a card from his pocket and gave it to him.
"You can come at anytime you want! Just told them that about the incident, and they'll surely entertain you! You may bring your whole FAMILY with you if you wish!" Richard said.
"We'll be with you every step of the way from insurance to your retirement!" Everyone celebrate at the news. Hugs and kisses occupied the family. Something that Ralph witnessed. But with every good thing comes bad as Ralph remembered what they've been discussing earlier before the incident. Deciding not to ruin the fresh moment, the were tiger said to himself:
"Screw the draft!"
Little Revised Story part 2
same description as the previous post.

Chapter 6
Little Foot Chronicles

Chapter 1
In a remote forest shrouded in fog, rich greenery, sustainable water from falls to smalls ponds, and different creatures of all shapes and sizes, A tall man covered in cape is seen walking as if he's tracking a particular target of interest. The prints left on the ground along with marks on tree trunks were fresh. An expert would've taken moments to examine it but to him, a glance was more than enough. Certain that he's closed, his position changed from relaxed to wary. He puts both of his small arms behind his back as he walks ready for what comes next. As he get's closer and closer, a beast with a huge cut wound on it's back can be seen rolling on the ground as if it's back is itchy and wondering where all of the blood came from as it continues. The man, beneath the cloak smiled and drew the beast's attention starting with a whistle. The beast quickly sprung back to it's 4 feet and went all feral to the man. The beast jumped and swiped his left forearm in hopes of hitting him in which he swiftly evaded and drew out a pair of long make-shift blades. The beast makes another attempt by pouncing at him while at the same moment, he charged forward by cutting the it's underbelly. As both hit the ground, the beast felt weakened from the trade. Both turned their back and looked at one another and short after, it hissed at him and began to ran away. He wasn't gonna let the beast go. Especially at it's weakened state. As the blood trails into the ground and as he chased after, he yelled as if he's expecting someone to do it's part of hunt.
"Aggryxia! I got the beast hot on the trail! Anytime now!~" with an endearing tone. Continuing to run for dear life, the beast notices that the leaves from the tree tops were ruffled until something jumped out from it. Something small. Something Humanoid. As it hit the beast, it was knocked back at the nearest tree trunk with it's consciousness fading. The creature was a female reptilian humanoid with green skin and orange hair. She quickly jumps on top of the beast and yelled with her claws at the ready:
"IT'S DINNER TIME!" She butchered the monster as instinctively as possible while it's blood showered her and it's surroundings from grass to soil. The man stopped running as he reached the location it took place. As he kneel down, another person came out revealing that he was in fact wearing some sort of exoskeleton suit. He rushed towards the scene and took out his towel as he approached the female lizard humanoid. Drenched in blood, she looked back and went down from the corpse and was excited to see him advance as if she's expecting a reward. The man held her face and wiped the blood off of her as best as he could.
"Good job Aggry!" The girl glee and replied:
"Teehee!~ Thanks big bro!" As she smiled. He pats her head and proceeds to take as much as he can with the beast using some empty sacks.
"Look who's gonna have steak today?~"
"Me! Me! It's my birthday!"
"That's right pumpkin! now go clean the rest of you up. I got some water bottle you can use!" The girl quickly rushed towards the suit but not without reminding her of something.
"And? What are you going to do when you used all that water in it?"
"I know, I know! I'll go to the nearest pond! Be back in a jippy."

Inside their home, there were four people including them with an old couple of the same race as her's. They celebrated with the freshly cooked steak pierced with a small twig that seems like a make-shift birthday candle while singing happy birthday. The girl clapped so giddily and blew the candle.
"Happy 6th birthday honey!" Said the male reptilian with blue skin.
"Now make a wish first before you do." whispered the female reptilian with red skin. Aggryxia first closed her eyes and took the moment very seriously. The old couple waited while the man scratched his left cheek. After that wait, the girl opened her eyes and blew the light off and the rest clapped.
"So, how well did she do today Ein?" He asked while he carves the meat for the birthday girl.
"She responded very quickly and moved fast in the tree tops. Aggry's now quick to perform ambush attacks I tell you!"
"Of course dear! She's got the moves from her mama am I right dear?" There was so much pride in their praise that adds glitter to her. She responded with a hum while her mouth was full.
"It's hard to believe that it's been six years. Time sure flies fast. First I lay my eyes on cutie patootie right here, big girl the next."
"Yeah. So is everything ready by tomorrow?" As he asked, the woman looked at him and held his left arm.
"Does it have to be soon? Can't you at least stay- for a few more days?" He closed his eyes for a short moment and opened them again and replied:
"We have to Mira. It's... to give her the tools she needs."
"Dear?" She asked to her husband with a face that hoped she can somehow persuade him to give both of them to stay longer since the four of them were a family. Her husband smiled at Ein and Aggryxia and gave his opinion.
"Nothing I can do hun. If they have to, let them be." His wife had no other choice but to let the situation take place while her eyes tear up a bit.
"Aw don't worry Mira. We'll be back to visit you whenever we can! How hard can it be?"
"That's what worries me! It's been along time since we've been there! Y-you sure know this!" Her husband tried to calm her down but Aggryxia interrupted them.
"Don't worry! Big bro said it'll be fine so we should too!" she continues her meal naturally knowing that this is like every other trip only longer. This gave the woman a sense of confusion but tried to remain calm and trust his decision. Her husband asked Ein if he can talk to him later after dinner.
"Long tooth?" Ein approached him to the roof top of their house as he waited.
"Are the two asleep?"
"Yeah. She's holding her REALLY tight knowing this could be the last the time she'd be with her." As Long tooth looks at the sky, Ein felt that he owed him thanks and resumed.
"Listen, I know you've been kind enough to let us in and well... You both became like family to us. But I-" Then Long tooth said his piece before Ein was able to finish
"Nah. It's you who did us more than we can offer you. You gave us a child we never had, a wonderful time, the tools... And most of all, you gave us a great time!"
"But still, I owe you both for giving Aggryxia what she never had." He smiled and puts his hand on his shoulders.
"Then I guess we both did each other a favor." They both headed to the ship that presumably were made by both men made from whatever they can find.
"And how's this bad boy doing? Last time I worked on it, I made sure that the engine had enough fuel in case we ran out of firewood to keep it floating."
"That's already been taken cared of. I made sure that this ship's bottom can float in the ocean! Bow to stern."
"I better go out and get some wood for the paddle then."
"Way ahead of ya kid. Built in a sail for ya." Ein overthinks the possible scenarios of what'll happen in their long trek. Seeing how this could give him assurance, Long tooth tried to offer him more to ease the man's troubles.
"I can give you my Extender's frame to add to the engine's over-all capacity" But Ein never liked the idea of being given more.
"No 'Tooth. It's one of the only things you have to survive! It'll be-" Long tooth raised both of his hands
"Okay! Okay... I just wanted to give you some peace of mind. You worry too much Ein. Procedures and preparations can only do so much. You gotta give room to your instincts if you both wanna make it out safe and sound. So about her?" Ein replied with a smile on his face.
"She's the least of our worries. Always had each other's backs you know?"

In a huge basement surrounded by different parts and tools, a lamia dressed in oil stained white lab coat with glasses, beanie, and gloves was busy maintaining an extender trunk when a frantic knock on the door surprised her. But knowing what it is, she ignored it with a groan and continued as best as she could.
"Lisa! Lisa open the damn door! You got a letter!" The lamia kept ignoring her.
"Come on Lis! Open the door! If you won't, I'm gonna ram my way in!" Still, no response.
"Screw this! I'm comin' in!" The door broke down and had the one responsible had herself falling down stairs. The were-sheep stood up five seconds after while touching her own back.
"Ugh That f&*&ing hurts! Is it really THAT hard to- I dunno... SKIP and OPEN THE DOOR?"
"Fine! Who is it now?" She dropped down her wrench, took off her gloves and beanie, and slithered to the were-sheep.
"I dunno. Looked like the one who wrote it was in a hurry. Look at how dirty and worn out it is." Lisa opened the letter with disinterest. As she started reading what was in it, she became more occupied and serious. Her sense of urgency took over her and slithered as quickly as she could upstairs. The were-sheep asked her:
"Hey! Where you goin? What happened Lis?" She replied as she went up.
"Something- very important! Come with me Maria! This is something urgent!" The were-sheep showed just how inconvenient it is in the middle of the night to take part in an emergency.
"Whaaaa? At this late?" She took out off her lab coat and changed it with a brown trench coat with a hat.
"Well?! Are you just gonna stand there like a buffoon?! Get your butt up here!"
"Okay... But we better get some fries along the way!" The two head off riding a truck.

Chapter 2
As sun rises and it's light touched the leaves of the tallest trees, preparations for their journey were almost done. As Ein and longtooth made sure that there are no loose ends, Mira called him and said:
"Ein? She's ready!"
" 'Kay! Be right there in a sec! Sorry 'bout that Long! We'll be right back and we'll recheck this baby one last time only quicker!"
"Not a problem Ein. Have a nice visit and tell her i we said hi!" Ein looked back and gave him a thumbs up and ran as fast as he can to the girls.
"Thanks for prepping her up for me Mira!"
"Now make sure you won't bump into any critters out there. They tend to be very cranky at this time of the day. And you young lady, I want you to be close with your big brother at all times! Never get distracted!"
"Geez mama i know... We'll be back! Don't worry!" Ein can tell that she's enjoying every last moment as she can with the two of them and can only help but smile and give her comfort.
"We'll be back..." As Ein docked in his extender and Aggryxia riding on top of it's back, The suit leaped so far from the roof top to the forest. Long tooth went to his wife's side and asked:
"How long was it since we were last alone?" Mira knew how long but she refused to answer by saying:
"A life time ago since we learned that we can't have our own litter... So this is what it feels like to see your kids leave their nest." As tears fell in her eyes, long tooth dried them with his thumbs. He gave his wife one thing for her to remember.
"Some have kids through giving birth. Others, by just meeting them."
"Aaand we're here! Watch your step Aggry you might step on something sharp like last time."
"Don't worry! Mama gave me a pair of slippers."
"Just double checking."
"You worry wart!" After that, they went inside the cave. Inside it, the center of it is surrounded by lush greenery and star shaped blue flowers. As they pass, the flowers glow. Spreading it's luminosity like wild fire, lighting the cave's interior. It's mineral deposits glitter like stars. Advancing further, they finally reached a blue crystal as big as a boulder. Beneath it were flowers dried up indicating that they make occasional visits throughout her childhood. Aggryxia kneels in front of the tombstone and looked at it's reflection and started talking to it.
"Hi mother! It's me and big bro visiting you again! We're goin' on an adventure today on a far place! You know, from big bro's stories. Places like "cities" were i can see a lot of people! I hope you'd continue to watch me from up there!" She looked up for a brief moment and back to the tombstone.
"You said to big bro that you want me to go see places when I turn 6 right? I'm gonna make you proud from down here mother! I'll always brush and floss my teeth, eat healthy, exercise, and most of all-" She turned back and faced him and finished her last statement.
"-I'll always stay with Biiig bro~!" And once again turned her attention back.
"I love you mother! Enjoy being in paradays!" Ein went to her and wrapped his arms around her. He whispered to her ear and said:
"It's paradise you silly!" He gently gave her a noogie while she chuckled.
"Big bro?"
" 'Yeah?"
"Do I really look like her just like what you said?" They both looked at each other through it's reflection for a moment and answered:
"You do. But she's maroon and her hair's all down and black." They let go of each other and said their good bye.
"Bye mother!We'll be back soon!" She went first to the extender while Ein had a few moments in the tombstone.
"I'll see you soon..." Tears poured down from his eyes. He puts his hand on the tombstone and mourned. Aggry looked from the distance, not knowing what too place, couldn't wait any longer.
"Big bro! Come on! We're gonna be late!" Her call snapped him back to sense and quickly dried his face as he stood up.
"C-Coming!" As he walked, he made sure that his face looked fine as if they sorrow never took place and quickly aboard his extender. As he docked, Aggryxia questioned him.
"So did you talk to mother too?"
"Uh huh!"
"But i didn't even hear you say a word!" He quickly rubbed it off from back and said:
"Now hold on tight! I'm gonna move now."
" 'Kay!" And the two of them went back to their home where their ship awaits as quickly as they can.

"Now here's you bag pumpkin! It's got your tooth brush, your comb, and some dried berries! And if your'e feeling sick, I also had 3 dried mulpus anchovies to make you feel better okay?"
"-the engines are good, the thrusters can only let you stay on air for 5 hours. I triple checked the firewood, the food, nooks, and all!"
"Thanks Long. This really helps me a lot." Long tooth said one more thing to make sure that they get away safely.
"You know, you can always take my Ex's engine!" But he turned down the offer for one last time.
"Long, no. You need it more than I do." The two bumped fists together and continued.
"Besides, if they ever showed up, how are you and Mira gonna drive them out?"
"We got ways my boy! It's what we do for a daily basis!"
"Which is why it needs to stay to keep you on your toes old man!" He wittily said with a grimace:
"Son't toss me out of the bucket yet sonny boy!" and they laughed afterwards. Mira and Aggryxia came to them as they both subsided.
"She's ready!"
"Let's go big bro!" The girl happily rushed towards his side. The couple looked at them with their eyes about to water. Ein took this last chance knowing that he might not see them in a long time.
"Oh let us give you a hug you two!" Aggryxia came along and they all had a long group hug. Mira poured her heart out while Long tooth tried his best not to. As they let go, the two went to the ship and head off. As it reached high to sky, Mira shouted:
"YOU KIDS HAVE FUN IN THE CITY!" The two of them went down afterwards and saw something that in the living room that gave made their departure less sad.
"Oh Einie! You could've just told me before you leave..."

Somewhere in a tavern, many Intersapiens of different races are enjoying their drinks for the night. Left and right from the softest neophytes, to the battle hardened veterans. Bounty hunters to hired guns. As the lamia enters, some of them welcomed her in open arms despite how busy it is today. She did'nt know what's all this sudden increase of business was all about but a little probing would prove vital.
"Hehey! Look who decided to come! Your'e in luck if your'e looking for a quest!"
"Yeah I was about to ask, I mean what's all...'This'?"
"Aaah well you see Lisa, Kumo teikoku's in a middle of a civil unrest! Take a look at the news over there!" The waiter pointed at the huge T.V. screen, showing further details via news.
"As of today, tensions spread at the southwestern hemisphere where terrorists known as 'Tamil' committed another suicide bombing attack claming no more than 600 and counting! As you can see in this site, the Sougen sugar cane plantation has all been burnt down, retrieving roughly 1% of usable resources INCLUDING it's harvest! Girtablilu community activist, Saida Pratham, said that this is an utter madness made by her own kind, expressing her sympathies-" The news made her dumbfounded as to why the mercs are even happy with such tragedy.
"THAT'S HORRID! And the rest of them are happy about this?! Ugh, what's new with these people anyway..." Until she was answered by an oncoming person.
"Because most of it's militia's been killed during the subsequent attacks! Rest their souls."
"Old man Ralph! And I suppose that your'e one of these disgusting majority?" The were tiger happily retorts while spreading his arms.
"Lisa, from tragedy comes opportunity! Life in it's finest! The empire would like to enlist any help they can get from this crisis- Which includes our kind!" Lisa went closer to his ear and whisphered:
"Uhm listen, can we talk somewhere?" The were tiger happily complied to her request and said to the waiter:
"Excuse us Luce. And your'e at it can you give us our usual drinks?" In the dark alley of the tavern, Lisa gave Ralph news that might drop his attention.
"Listen, Ein is coming back! And I need your help!" His eyes widened and moved closer to her to make sure only they can hear each other.
"Ein's coming back?! Why that's news!"
"I know. Which is why I need YOUR help for him to get in safely!" Ralph agreed to help.
"Okay, don't worry. I'll talk to the head of security and cook up a reason."
"Oh, Ralph! Y-" But Ralph raised his hand and made a condition.
"Ahh.. Let's not get ahead of ourselves!"
"GAH! What is it now?! Last time, you made me pose in a men's magazine with a bikini! And ever since then, some bounty hunters oggled their eyes on me!" But the were tiger chuckled.
"Ah yes... THAT.. Next time tell Maria to do next month's issue!" Lisa quickly changed the topic angrily.
"ANYWAYS... what'll it be THIS time?" Ralph touched his left left leg and stated his terms.
"The metal on my prosthetic leg. It's been rusty. Way past It's replacement date."
"Right, metal like that won't come cheap. Why not just use any other prosthetic limbs?"
"Well this... THING is what made me use extender suits for as long as I can remember!...Even in old age. You know how durable these things are and how few of and expensive they are."
"Alright, I'll tell Maria ASAP." But before she picked her phone from her pocket, Ralph quickly stopped her by holding her hand. Lisa felt how firm it was and saw the look on his face. It was dead serious.
"I only trust him on this one."
"Alone?! That alloy needed 4 people. FOUR! And darn good ones too!"
"Lisa... Trust me when I say this. He and I went way back before you both met. Let him handle this! Please!" Lisa remained as skeptical as ever but not without any confusion present in her mind. Seeing how he pleaded for the first time gave her second thoughts which was further supported by his claim. Knowing that the odds are in Ralph's, the lamia had no other choice but to give in.
"Okay... I'll tell him that first thing tomorrow. But if anything bad happens to him just for that-'leg' of yours-"
"Please! You just trust me on this!" They stood up after that serious conversation. As Ralph felt bad to say the least, Lisa took a moment to sink all of this in with her eyes closed while massaging her own head. He puts his hand on her shoulder and cheered her up.
"Treats on me gal! Turn that frown upside down now will ya?"
"Well that's a first! Usually you'd let us treat you in exchange for referring some clients to us!" As the air loosens, Ralph chuckled and as they went back to the tavern by saying:
"I just don' like ya having that pretty little face get ugly! Imagine what'll he do to me!" And the rest of the night went smoothly.

Chapter 3
As the sun scorched and the cement hot from it's temperature, Lisa and Maria waited for 30 minutes and counting. While the were sheep began to pat like a dog, Lisa had zero issues due thanks to being cold blooded from her snake part.
"Oh cut your prattling! Nobody cares!" She said while laying down comfortably on the bench out of a fit.
"Just... make sure he hurries the f*&^ up! I'm roASTING HERE!" She received a splash of water which made her a little bit less hot but the irritation ascends.
"Cooling you off! You should thank me for that." Maria angrily moved closer to her and start to let out some steam.
"Not necessarily, you need some cool moisture on your skin or else you'll get cancer from the sun's rays!" Knowing where this is leading, Maria chose to tight her lip and continued waiting as countless ships enter and where being parked to the nearest landing site. The sun, luckily, get's less hotter as the time progresses until the wait is finally over.
"Wait that's---" Lisa moved up from the bench and slithered close to site. Maria followed after her without any idea which ship is she pointing at. Squeezing through the crowded area, ignoring all the heat and stench, Maria finally caught up with Lisa who's excited to see someone from quite some time.
"My god he's here!" As the hatch opened, Ein emerges from the ship. Lisa could no longer contain her excited so she sprung quickly just to hold onto him for the first time since the last. With every slither, she imagined herself with Ein finally getting married in a chapel, having their honey moon, conception, and having a kid. At long last the two finally reunited. First wrapping her arms around him.
"OH HONEY! I MISSED YOU!" Ein too was happy to see her once more and embraced her back.
"Oh I missed you too honey! It's been-ACK!" it was too emotional for the lamia that her lower snake half wrapped him so tightly that he could barely breathe.
"L-Lisa? Honey!.... I can't... breathe!" But little do Lisa and Maria knew, there was another person on board. And that person was so over protective, she leaped and gave her a flying kick to loosen her grip on him.
"LET GO OF HIM!" Everyone within the site was shocked at this commotion where they saw Lisa flung and crashed to the cart full of baggage. Losing her consciousness.
"But she was...." Maria immediately took action on helping her and screamed:
"HEY! HOW ABOUT YOU BOTH GET YO ASSES OVER HERE?! CARRYING A LAMIA'S AIN'T NO EASY THING!" Worried at what happened, Ein and Aggryxia both rushed to the unconscious lamia and brought them to the port's clinic. An hour after, she regained consciousness.
"Hey honey!" He kissed her forehead and held her hand as he greeted.
"Nhg... What just happened?.. I thought i was... hit by a truck! And the ne-" Looking at her surroundings, seeing Aggryxia for the first time made her upset.
"It's y-you! What the hell... was that for you little runt?" Unknowingly did the wrong thing, the girl felt bad as she get's up in her bed while Ein tried to calm her down hoping that there won't be another scene for a day.
"Honey, this right here is Aggryxia! The one from my letter!"
"I know that vapor brain! What I need to know is why did 'I' get smacked down flying!" Scratching his head, Lisa slithered and made a close look at her to which Aggryxia felt extremely vulnerable. This raises her eyebrows and asked something unexpected.
"So? How old is she?"
"6 years old!"
"And HOW is this a 6 year old?! Look at her! She looked like she's hitting PUBERTY!"
"WHA?! N-No! Where'd you get that idea?!" Ein persistently proves his innocence but didn't stop her from. Aggryxia on the other hand was so terrified, she decided to just sit on the nearest chair and covered her ears as she watched.
"I-I swear honey! I'm NOT doing anything like THAT!" She moved her face a bit closer to her as the interrogation continues. She grabbed him by the collar.
"Are you even cheating on me all these years?!" But before this goes even further, Maria enters the room with bags saying:
"Hep! Hold your hormones everyone! I bought us some food!" The 3 stared at her and she asks:
"What? Is there something on my teeth?"
After lisa recovered, the 4 of them rode a truck where they are on their way to Lisa's home. Maria and Aggryxia were in the front seat. She sees a lot of things, bringing the girl in awe. Maria took a quick glance and guessed right. So she started humoring her.
"First time seeing these things lil' girl?"
"YOU BETCHA!" she chewed her fries after that giving a smile on her face.
"Atta' girl!" While at the back of the truck, Ein and Lisa continued where they left off earlier at the station.
"Okay. So let me get this clear, work's gone sour, shit happens over there, manage to rescue an egg, took a ship, barely made, lived there for years, met an amazing couple and here we are?" She said while tapping her index finger on the table as she mentioned the events.
"Yes!"  He nodded with a sad face while holding a coffee mug. Lisa reached for his hand and said her apologies.
"I'm sorry honey. I shouldn't have jumped into conclusions without first hearing your side of the story." She moved her sit to his side, held his chin and gently whispered.
"Once we get home, I'll make it up to you!~" He looked at her and snickered.
"Well, it's been THAT long! But you know me!"
"Ugghh... Worrywart! The only thing I never missed about you! If you buy another one of those 'test' I'm gonna bite you really, REALLY hard!"
"Hey! Your'e talking to a guy who raised a child here! You think it's easy being a parent of sorts?"
"Well, your'e in the city!"
"That makes NO difference!" And the two kept chatting as they drive for hours.
After a long drive, Ein and Aggryxia were introduced around Lisa and Maria's humble abode. After unloading their things, including his extender suit, Maria went to the kitchen.
"Welp, I'm gonna be twice as busy for now on! Okay people! Let's get this show goin' people!" Ein felt a bit shy so he went to her and offered his help to make this easy.
"Since we just got here, want me to help out?"
"Nah!" She took out 4 instant noodles with her which made Ein feel like he's been played until she said so.
"I was just teasin' you fam!" Aggryxia went to them curiously.
"What are those big sis?"
"They're called noodles aggry! You put hot water and wait for 3 minutes till they're ready to eat!" Now wanting to see how it's done, Maria took her kettle and started boiling water while teaching her how things work. As he sees things and smiled, He heard Lisa calling out to him from the basement.
"Ah.. Mind if I leave for a sec?"
"Go man!" As he went down stairs, he noticed that things are quiet and saw Lisa with her arms crossed with yet another angry look on her face. Nervous as to what's gonna happen Ein attempted to come clean.
"L-Listen... I for-" But Lisa interrupted.
"Is THIS suit part what you got during your escapades?" With the capes on the floor, and some of it's scrapped armor pieces, Ein closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
"Yes. Y-yes it is."
"This suit looks.... AMAZING!" What she said caught him off guard even dropping his jaw. Lisa continued nerding out from what he had while away.
"Everything about this suit is just.... It's nothing I've ever seen before! How'd you get this?"
"I uh... stole it?.."
"Stole it?! Well sh!T honey! No wonder they were after you!" She continued to slither around it as she tries to come up with ways on what she can do with it. Ein wanted to go back upstairs to check up on them since he feels like he's not needed once she's pre-occupied.
"I'll be goin' back up since we're done here." But before he can climb up stairs, Lisa asked him one last time related to the topic.
"About the head though, it looked quite busted!" This made him a little bit uneasy and proceeded without even uttering anything.
"Honey? Hon- Great! First day and he's acting weird already! Now... Let's check you out sweetie~!" She grabbed her tools and started working.
Little Revised Story part 1
I've been through a lot of things lately, so before you call me the king of unfinished business, please enjoy. There may be inconsistencies, misspellings, and grammatical errors, please enjoy with a cup of tea.

Edited: Some minor tweaks


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